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Getting Into Aunt Janie

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I was 13 years old when my Aunt Janie came to live with us temporarily. Janie was in her early thirties, single, and nice looking. I liked her, and we talked a lot, not anything erotic or even suggestive, mostly about sports and what was happening in the news. She was assigned the bedroom down the hall from me, a bathroom between our rooms. I would hang around my door when I knew she was going into the bathroom, especially when I knew that she would be taking a bath, going down the hall in her bathrobe, in my mind naked underneath. I would come out then, hoping to get a glimpse of something forbidden, but I never did. That did not stop me from going back into my room, locking the door and lying down on the bed, imagining her breasts and cunt, jacking off to satisfying orgasms.
One day my mother casually mentioned that another couple were coming to visit us and, if it was alright, Janie could sleep in my room for a few days. Since my room had only a queen bed, I knew that meant Janie would be sleeping not just in my room, but with me. I suppose everybody thought that I was still a kid so that sleeping together really didn't mean anything. I just said that it was alright with me, but I was nearly delerious with anticipation about how this was going to work out.
That first night, I went to bed early while the adults were in the living room, talking. After a great deal of thought, I decided to wear pajama bottoms with an opening in the front, no underwear, and a tee shirt. Finally, I heard Janie coming down the hall. I turned on my side with my back to the door, pretending to be asleep, trying to breathe slowly and regularly while my heart was pounding. She came into the room, closed the door and went over to the closet, moving quietly, not turning on the light. I could hear her taking off her clothes, hanging them up in the closet, and putting something else on. At this, my cock became fully erect, standing out through the front of my pajamas. She came over to the bed and pulled open her side of the covers, whispering--Charley, are you awake? I didn't say anything and I didn't move, still trying to breathe slowly as if I were deeply asleep. She slipped under the covers, turning around until she came to rest on her side, facing my back. After a minute or so she whispered again--are you awake? Again, I was silent and motionless. Then, I was startled to feel her hand move slowly to my upper thigh and rest lightly there for a minute, then drop down over my thigh onto the bed just below my stiff cock. At that, I was paralyzed-- I didn't know what to do. Then she moved her hand slowly up until it brushed against my erect and hard cock. I could tell that she was trying to pull her hand away, but I turned over onto my back, then onto my side facing her, all the while holding her hand against my cock. Then we were facing each other in the half-dark, not saying anything, her hand lightly against my hard-on. Then she seemed to make up her mind and began to play with my cock, her fingers pulling a little on the foreskin and rubbing all around the glans, coaxing out the thin liguid that made it all slippery.
Janie was wearing a short nightgown that buttoned up the front and came down to about her mid-thighs. Instictively, I wanted to feel her cunt, and I reached toward her, but she raised up her leg, placing it over me so that her nightgown hiked up and exposed her cunt. Then, more than anything, I wanted to see everything that I had seen in pictures, the labia, the clitoris, and the vagina. But, I couldn't, we were too close, and it was too dark. Before I could do anything though, she began to do something even better--she pulled my hot and stiff cock over against her, rubbing it slowly on the hot and hard erection that I knew must be her clitoris. Then she moved my glans down to her vagina, rubbing it around the opening until I couldn't stand it--I pushed right in, slippery and burning, maybe two inches or so until the glans was completely inside, but that broke the spell. Suddenly, she pulled away, turning over onto her back, saying--my God, Charley, what are we doing--we can't do this. I replied--I know, we can't, but, if you don't mind, I have to do something. I know what you mean, she said, its alright, go ahead. So I did, quickly jacking off until my back arched in orgasm, the semen spurting into my open hand, then dripping off to make a mess in the bed. We just lay there foe a while, not saying anything, then we moved together, cleaning up the bed, Janie saying--I don't know why I did that--I hope that you won't think that I am a bad person, forever. Being a kid, I didn't know what to say--I mumbled something to the effect that I thought she was wonderful, then saying, hopefully, that it was so wonderful, maybe we could do something like that again. But, she didn't answer, and it never happened again.



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