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Getting Friendly With My Neighbor

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I moved into a new apartment earlier this year. There's some cool people here and some of them I see all the time, in the lobby or in the garage. One is a guy whose parking space is right next to mine. Very good looking guy but totally unaware of his looks, unconceited and unaffected. Just a happy, good-natured guy. He's also about ten years younger than me but somehow there never seems to be any age gap. Sometimes I see him with his wife and their two kids, but most of the time I see just him. We usually stop to talk about sports or the weather or things happening in the neighborhood.

I found out their apartment is down the hall and around the corner from mine. Sometimes I pass by their door and I can hear yelling, mostly her voice. One time I passed by and overheard another fight. I was waiting for the elevator when their door opened up and he came storming out. We both got on the elevator and I said to him, 'Just another quiet night at home, huh?' He laughed and tried to play it off, but he also said something about how she would fly into rages a lot.

Sometimes I would come home late at night and he was just sitting in his car listening to the radio. He said it's because he doesn't want to wake up their baby, but I wondered if that was the real reason.

I told him if he ever needed to bend someone's ear, he could come hang out with me since I live alone. I told him just step outside and if you see lights on in the last set of windows by the back, it was OK to knock on my door. He said he didn't want to bother me but he appreciated the offer. I said OK.

I never thought he'd come knocking on my door, but one night he did. I let him in and he seemed a little agitated and also a little embarrassed about barging in on me. I told him it was no problem, I wasn't doing anything and could use a little company. I let him vent about his wife and I tried to give him some good advice about his situation. By the time he left he was in a much better mood.

After that, he was comfortable dropping in every so often. Sometimes it was so we could watch a game together on TV, sometimes he was having problems with his wife.

Recently he came over just to hang out and talk, and he spotted some porn DVDs next to my computer. He made a joke about it and I told him since I was a bachelor I could do whatever the hell I wanted in my home. He said I was lucky that way, he could never look at that stuff with the wife and kids around all the time. I told him that if he got desperate he could watch at my place.

I put one DVD in and started it up. We talked about it, made some jokes, and some comments on one of the girls he thought was really hot.

The more we watched, the less joking and comments happened. He was getting turned on and so was I.

I said to him that I understood his situation and if he wanted, I could leave the room or go out for a walk for fifteen minutes. He said no, it was my place, and he didn't want to take advantage. I said, 'Go ahead and take advantage!' He laughed, but didn't say anything else.

We kept watching the DVD. I grabbed my crotch a couple times to readjust myself and wasn't subtle about it, so I'm sure he saw. Without being obvious I took a couple glances at his crotch and he had quite a bulge going too.

Finally I spoke up and said, 'Look, don't take this the wrong way, but this is a pretty hot video and I'm used to rubbing one out when I watch. I'm not kicking you out or asking you to leave, you can do what you want, but in another minute I'm gonna be taking care of myself whether you're here or not.'

He just looked at me. Then he took a step or two backwards, turned to face the door, but didn't move toward it. He took a deep breath and sighed. He obviously was feeling really conflicted and wasn't sure how to react to what I said, or what he should do next.

I spoke up again. 'I'm not putting any moves on you. I'm just ready to bust a nut!'

Without turning around he said, 'Yeah, I am too.'

I said, 'OK, let me get some paper towels.'

I went to the kitchen for paper towels and when I came back, he was sitting in the chair in front of my computer where I had been. He had his hand on his crotch, but when he noticed I was returning, he took his hand away.

I stood next to the chair, then opened up my pants and started rubbing my cock without taking it out. He sat nearly frozen, and he tried to steal a couple of sideways glances without turning his head.

Next I took my fully hard cock out and slowly stroked it. Again he tried to look at my cock without turning his head.

So I gave him an excuse to look. I said, 'Man, my nuts are itching. I think it's time to shave them again.'

He turned to look directly at my cock and balls and said nervously, 'You shave your balls?'

I took my hands off my cock and let it bob up and down in the air as I held my balls out. 'Yeah, I shave them because it feels so much better that way. Doesn't your wife like you to shave yours?'

He said he had never shaved them. I asked him why not. He said they were already pretty hairless. I said, 'Really?'

Without a word he stood up and dropped his pants and underwear, then held his rock-hard cock out of the way to show me his balls. I was floored!

I said 'Yeah, they look pretty smooth!'

I could see his cock jumping in his hand, and that he was leaking a lot of precum. I mentioned how I wished I got that much precum. I was usually pretty dry.

He asked how often I shaved my balls and how recently I had done it. I told him it had been a few days, and even though you couldn't see any hair on them, there were a few very light bristles sticking out and they felt a little prickly. I added, 'If you want to feel them, go ahead. Won't bother me.' I put my hands on my hips and waited for him to make the next move.

Very tentatively he reached his hand out and lightly touched my balls, then took the whole sack in his hand to grope and feel the skin, and the weight of the balls within.

I let him explore for a moment, then took a step toward him and reached for his balls while saying 'How smooth are yours?'

His balls were unbelievably smooth and soft. If his sack was big enough I could have crawled onto that skin and fallen asleep, it was so silky.

So there we were groping each other's balls. It wasn't that much of a stretch to reach upward and feel his cock too. He did the same to me. In a flash we were groping and stroking each other with both hands. The porn DVD played on but neither of us was paying any attention to it.

I took his precum and smeared it all over his cockhead. He groaned and began thrusting his hips a little, so it must have felt pretty good.

I was so turned on by this point I had to cum. I kept my left hand on his balls and continued to grope and play with them, while my right hand returned to home base. I started stroking rapidly. He followed my lead and began stroking his own cock with one hand while touching my balls with the other.

It didn't take long before I started shooting. Ropes of cum erupted from my cock and arched in the air before falling to the floor with loud splats. Seeing this put him over the edge and he started cumming too. But he was kind of loud about it. I had never heard any man make that much noise when cumming; the groans were loud enough for my neighbors to hear, if they were home.

When both of us were done, he suddenly fell back in the chair panting with his eyes shut. It must have been a pretty intense experience for him, because he kind of knocked himself out.

We got cleaned up and dressed. He apologized, I'm not sure what for, and said that was the first time he had ever done anything with another guy. I wasn't surprised, but I stopped to sit down and explain to him that he might have some negative reaction to this in the next day or two. I told him try to take it on the chin, it was just masturbation, it didn't change him or affect his sexuality and would not affect his marriage. I urged him to let it sink in slowly and not freak out about it.

That was last week. Haven't seen him much since and I don't know if he'll still be his same old friendly self, or whether he'll come knocking on my door again. But if he does, it's up to him to decide whether he wants to jack off with me again. I'm hoping he will.



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