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Getting Dressed To Go To the Nudist Camp

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Ever since college four years ago, the six of us - Me (Sam) and my wife Becky, Ron and his wife Sue, and Steve and his wife Mary, have gone on vacation together. We keep going to Vegas. So back in February, I said that it would be nice to do something far out, something different. I suggested going to a nudist camp together. Much to my surprise, the girls were thrilled. But then Ron said, 'Guys. If you're like me, I bet you all fantasize about the girls when you jack out. I think I'd have a constant hard-on, which is probably not OK at a nudist camp.'

'Guys, all you need to do is: have sex or jack off a lot, especially right before we leave,' Becky said. 'That might work,' Ron said a little apprehensively. With that much of a concession from Ron, we all agreed that our vacation together this year would be at a nudist camp. Becky did the research and found a nice place close-by, and booked us for April. We live where it is warm in April, but I won't say where.

Now the big day has arrived, and we've gathered at our house ready to get in my SUV and head off. Sue said, 'Maybe it's best if we look at each other naked here, just so there are no surprises, if you know what I mean'. I'd say we're all in good shape. We all work out, even the girls, to stay fit. So none of us had issues about getting naked on front of each other. To keep the guys from getting hard-ons, we all had had sex or jacked off the night before. That was part of the deal. But as soon as we were naked, all of us guys got giant hard-ons. The girls laughed, and said, 'So much for 'the plans of mice and men'. What's with you guys?' But they were flattered.

'OK, guys, jack off right now,' Mary said. We all sheepishly obliged.' Afterwards, everyone but Ron had a limp dick that wouldn't be noticeable at the Camp.

Ron said, 'I can't do this. I just can't be around Becky like this and not have an erection.' Everyone always knew that Ron had the hots for Becky, and I admit it was his wife Sue that I fantasized about most, sometimes even when I was screwing Becky. 'No, Ron you have to come,' I said. 'What can we do to make this thing work?'

Ron said, 'I just can't help it. I look at Becky naked and I just want to fuck her doggy-style. Sorry Sam.'

'Nothing to apologize for, Ron. Truth be told I've probably spent as much time fantasizing about Sue as you have about Becky, not to mention Mary. Let's face it. We all have very desirable women for wives. There's nothing wrong with appreciating these beautiful women and wanting them.'

'Nothing wrong except I can't look Becky the way she is without my dick wanting to mount her doggy-style. Masturbating just won't cut it for my dick when Becky's standing in front of me naked. Period, So I can't go to the camp with you guys' Ron said.

'Ron, I think you and Becky need to take a trip into the bedroom. Sounds like you two have some unfinished business to take of,' I said. Ron was my best man at the wedding. At the time of the wedding, he hadn't yet gotten involved with Sue because everyone knew he was holding out for Becky while we are all students together at college. 'If Becky's cool with it, go in the bedroom and what you have to do to get rid of that damned hard-on. What happens in the bedroom stays in the bed room. Lock the door if you want.' I said.

Becky took Ron by the hand, led him into the bedroom, and closed the door. Well, what happened in the bedroom didn't exactly stay in the bedroom. After a few minutes, I heard that familiar loud, primitive grunt of animal pleasure from Becky, and I instantly got my hard-on back. Sue's nipples turned a dark red, hardened, and extended out nearly a half inch when she saw my hard-on. Sue looked at me as if to say 'Do you want me?' like 'Ron wants Becky.' Did I ever! She came to me, wrapped her right hand around my hard-on, and jacked me off perfectly. This was for me the kind of perfect moment Becky has when she get it doggy style.

Steve and Mary were obviously taking the show in, as Steve got a hard-on too and Mary's sexual scent filled the room. Just after I shot my load, Steve said, 'Hey guys, what about us?' Mary said, 'Hey Sue, want to do each other?' None of us is gay, but I guess it was time for a bit of experimentation. Anyway, Mary sat beside Sue, and they started working each other's clits when Steve looked straight at me, and pointed to his hard-on. I took the hint, and walked over to do something I had never done before. His dick wasn't particularly long, maybe 6 inches or so. But it was nice and thick. I loved the way it felt in my hand. I jacked him off for a minute or two. Then he sprayed me good with his cum. It felt nice and warm. Sue and Mary finished their business together soon after Steve and me-just about the time Becky and Ron emerged from the bedroom. Seeing me with Steve, and Sue with Mary must have surprised Becky and Ron. But they didn't show it. I imagine Becky was probably thinking we must have heard her; she looked a little embarrassed. Not Ron. He was smiling like a Cheshire cat. He was thoroughly and completely satisfied, without the faintest hint of the hard-on that started all this. All he said was, 'You're a lucky man Sam.' 'You too Ron,' I said thinking of the great hand job I had just gotten from his wife.

It was as if taking off our clothes opened us up to one another like nothing before, including getting drunk together in our college days. On this day we all learned things about ourselves and one another that we would never have otherwise learned. I still say none of us is gay, despite what I did with Steve and what Sue and Mary did with each other. We just gave into the moment. We were the best of friends before this happened, and we still are.

'Let's get dressed and go to the nudist camp', Mary said, making us all laugh. After this session, I think we'll do just fine now at the camp.



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