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Getting Caught (My version of Cam)

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I read Cameron's story, and got the guts to share mine. I have a few roommates in an old house off campus. Most of the rooms are connected by doorways, without doors (if that makes sense.) So literally you could walk from room to room, and this is how they all are throughout this huge house. The rent is really cheap and it includes everything, including wifi, so I guess it's just how it is. There's a couple guys in the room connected to mine. One guy is from Canada and the other guy is from California. Then I have a small room by myself, and then the room past the other wall, there's a kid from Arkansas. He's a freshman, but the dorms were overbooked, so they started finding rooms for these guys to live in nearby.

Anyway, so it took awhile to figure out the routine around there, but I finally figured out that the kid to my (right) gets up at 6, then the Canadian guy gets up around 7:15, and his roommate is always lounging in bed when I leave at 8. So if I want to jack off it's before 6 (never happens) or it's between then and 7:15, or I can wait til after that, and hope that the Cali guy is still sleeping. It sucks but we usually aren't in the bathroom for more than a few minutes to shower and shave, since there are two bathrooms, for 12 guys.

One morning I woke up so hard I thought I was going to cum as soon as I woke up. The kid was slowly moving around his room and I was really wanting to blow my load. I turned away from his room, to hide my hardon. He zipped up his backpack and walked past my room, to the next one, and out into the hall. I heard a couple of the other guys in the house walking around talking and using the bathroom. I was still really hard, and just wanted to rub one out. I sat up to look over to the left, and both guys seemed to be sleeping. I layed back and started jacking off under the covers. I was really getting into it, and just about to cum, when the fresh walked in, and stopped suddenly, looking at me. "I stopped jacking, but it was too late to stop myself from cumming. I bit my lip and tried to hide my pleasure, but my eyes were twitching and fluttery, and I held out for as long as I could, before I felt my dick jerk around, and shoot. I hit myself in the face a couple times, and pulled my blanket up to shield myself from the fresh. He quickly went to his room, and grabbed something, and left. I let out a low moan, and felt my dick twitching. I looked down, and it was still cumming. I grabbed myself again, and quickly jerked myself, feeling another orgasm coming. I came again, a few little shots of cum, and not as intense as the first one. I fell back against my pillow, and let myself cum freely. I was so turned on and embarrassed at the same time from what happened, and I think it added to my pleasure enough to cum twice.

I cleaned up with my cum cloth(under my pillow) and dropped it to the floor behind my table. I covered myself up and waited til everyone else was up and around. I tried to talk to the fresh that night but he put his earbuds in right away, and I saw his face flush. I felt like shit. But he'll probably see worse before he was done, lol



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