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Getting Caught by Mom

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Getting Caught By Mom
Let me start off by saying that I love to masturbate. I have been masturbating since I was 10, and now I am 19. The story I am about to tell happened a few months ago.
I was home for christmas break from college. I have my own room at the house, but unfortunately, the door does not have a lock on it. The waterbed in my room is heated so I can just lay on it and stay warm for hours. Well, when I get too hot, I usually lay on top of the sheets with my clothes off. When I lay there naked, I usually get an erection and the only natural thing to do is to masturbate.
Well, I woke up one morning feeling really hot so I got on top of the covers and took my clothes off. When I felt the urge kick in, I just had to start stroking. I was going at it for about 5 minutes. In that time I was getting really intense and my senses were not as tuned as they should have been. I did not hear my mom's footsteps coming down the hall, but the loud clatter of the door openeing was enough to shock me back into reality. I was laying there completly naked grasping my firm penis with my mom just staring at me. She just looked at me with a puzzled look on her face and said, "we will discuss this later", and then walked out of the room.
I was so completely embarassed that I could not even finish my session. I went and got a shower and got ready to run errands in town.
When I got back from town I went into the living room to sit down and watch tv. I was on the couch and my mom walked in the room and sat down in her chair. We just sat there for a minute or two, then she stopped the silence by saying "Do you like doing that?". I said, "masturbating???". Mom answered with an appaulled look on her face, "Yes". I told her that I did it quite often. Then she totally caught me off guard by saying "Well, I want to see you do it all, just so I know exactly what you are doing". My eyes lit up. "You want me to do it now?" She nodded her head "well, go ahead. I am waiting".
I slid my pants down around my knees, pulled my shirt up, and just layed back on the couch in full view of her. I was semi-hard at this point, but as soon as I found my member, I was gorging. I started to stroke it up and down. I stopped and looked at my mom for a sec, and she said "No, keep going". I knew I was going to have some fun now. I kept up the stroking. I usually keep all of my groans silent as not to get caught, but since she knew what was going on, I just let them out loud. I kept my eyes closed and just moaned in response to the sensation. Mom asked "Are you ok?". All I could do was pant "yes, it just feels so good". I kept up the stroking. It was about 10 minutes now and my mom said "Neal, I guess I am going to leave you alone now, nothing seems to be happening". I said "wait.......", and as soon as I did, I shot the biggest load of white cum all over my chest. Mom's eyes were as big as Texas (her home state). I slowed back down and looked up at her and asked "is that what you wanted to see?" She nodded and replied
"Well, ok I guess you know what you are doing, but if you ever need to talk about it, or need help, you can ask me or your father about it." I replied with a thank you and then proceeded to clean up.
Mom and I have not since talked about it, but it was fun for the brief period to see the reaction on her face. I guess we all have our moments where we want to get caught.



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