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Getting Caught

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Getting Caught
I have a story about getting caught. When my wife and I got a house, we both agreed that if some one needed a place to stay, we would help them. My wife worked with a lady who needed a place to stay. She had a little girl (7) at the time. She moved in, and we all became good friends, like one family. They both worked different shifts so we would stay up late and talk till my wife came home. Then the three of us would go skinny-dipping in the hot tub and pool. (Life was great)
One day I was off from work and her daughter was in school, so why not masturbate? I love to make videos of myself and watch them on TV when I have solo-sex. Since my wife and Dee was at work, I got out the video camera, my favorite pillow, and a condom, my KY & water mix; (this is the best lube) and went at it for some time. I put the lube in the condom, and then I put it on my penis and spread the lube around it feels just like a vagina. Then I take my favorite pillow and slide my penis between the pillow and couch. (Use a towel on the couch) The pillow takes the place of a female. Now I can watch TV and masturbate for hours. The orgasm is great, try it some time. Oh mix the KY & water till it feels like semen and put it in a clean lube bottle.
Dee's daughter was going to spend the weekend with her dad, so when she came home from school, I helped her get reedy for him to pick her up. Dee came in shortly after they left and asked me if I wanted a wine cooler. (She loves them) My wife called and said she has to pull a dbl. shift and will be in late. So Dee and I eat dinner and drank wine coolers. We talked about sex all the time but never touched each other, or make a pass. (That was a rule) We went swimming, and after we got out of the pool, we sat in the living room. Dee picked up the remote and pressed the wrong button, and - oh my God - I forgot to take the tape out of the VCR. I got up to block the TV and she asked what that was. I told her it was nothing, and she said, "wait let me see." I stumbled on some words and started to get an erection. Talk about embarrassment. Dee said "that's ok I don't mind, I masturbate." So I let her see the rest of the tape. I got so horny; after my wife got home we went to bed and had sex. (I think Dee heard us through the wall)
When I got up on Saturday to make coffee, I could see in Dee's bedroom. She has nice long legs and cute little toes. I just saw some movement and looked away so I would not get caught. I could only see her from the waist down, because the hallway wall was in the way. Then when I looked up, I saw the covers off of her and her fingers touching her clitoris. She was masturbating. I got vary quiet and thought. Cool, this is very cool. She was going at it slipping her fingers in her Vivian and came in about two minutes. Her long leg was raised and riding up the wall, then I saw her toes point, and her back arch. I got such a rock hard erection as my mouth hit the counter. She started to get up and I turned my back. Now what? I got a hard-on and she is coming in the kitchen to get a cup of coffee. When I herd the bathroom door close, I jumped on the couch and masturbated in about 30 seconds. Then I sat in the hot tub until she came in to join me.
After that we talked get comfortable masturbating in front of each other, and did it all the time. My wife thought it was cool as long as we did not have intercourse or oral sex. (Life was great back then) My favorite position was for her to sit in a chair and put her feet up on the couch. That way I can get a good view when she uses her vibrator. We would time our orgasms just right so when she and I came, I would grab her ankles. She moved out in about a year, and we moved out of state. We still keep in touch, I just wish she let me videotape us back then.



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