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Getting Caught

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Our parents had gone out to visit friends and play cards. I was in my bedroom and my sister had gone to bed as well. I was reading a story in Penthouse, after reading a few stories. I was getting excited and was playing with myself under the covers.

I was reading this one story and decided to jerk myself off, I pushing down the covers. I was stroking myself, thinking about that story just stroking slowly trying to prolong things. My sister who's a year younger then me had opened my door and was going to ask me a question or something.

I had my eyes closed, when I heard a noise, I opened my eyes and there she was standing there watching me jerk off. I was so close, I didn't want to stop, Sis said please let me watch you, I'll let you see me naked if you will. I just held myself and calmed down, I said Ok she turned her back to me and undressed.

Wow she got a cute naked butt and hips too, when she turned around. I couldn't believe my eyes, she wasn't that little girl that was always a pain in my butt. She had small breasts with very pretty nipples, a flat stomach, great looking legs, and thighs and she had hair between her legs.

I didn't have as much hair as she did, but one thing I did get and that was harder, I started stroking faster. Sis asked what do you think, I said you look beautiful, just then I started to come and groaned she was smiling as she watched, after that, she asked does that hurt? I said no why, because you looked and sounded like you were in pain, no I said all out of breath. No it feels good.

Just then we heard a car drive up the driveway, Sis grabbed her PJ's and ran from my bedroom, I hide my Penthouse and grabbed a Hot Rod mag. I still had my nightlight on. About five minutes went by and Mom opened my bedroom door, time to go to sleep, it's late, so lights out.

My sister and I never talked about what we did, when she saw me the next morning she just blushed, we never did that again, I still jerk off, I've always enjoyed doing that, this happened a long time ago. Just thought I would share it with your other readers.



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