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Getting Caught

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I began masturbation at around the age of 13. From the very begining, I've always had a thrill from masturbating outdoors, preferably naked. Being outside never fails to arouse me, the thrill of the elements against my naked flesh somehow enable me to reach the most powerful orgasms. And of course the inherent dangers of discovery heighten the senses, making my eventual ejaculations incredibly productive.

Considering how long and how often I have been masturbating outdoors, and the places Ive done it, it is quite surprising that in all the years, I have been caught out only twice. I thought you may like to hear what happened on these occasions, both, I assure you all, accurate and true accounts of events as they happened .........


Getting Caught No.1

The first time I was discovered, I was, I think, about 15 years old. I am a bit vague about this, as it was a long time ago, but I know I was certainly at school, because it was during the summer holidays, and I had been masturbating for some time before this incident occurred.

Down the lane, which goes past my parents house, you eventually come to a T junction, next to which is a grassed verge.

I should mention that the lanes around my parents are very quiet, being in rural Wiltshire. Even today, there is very little traffic in that part of the country. Back then, in the late 1970's, the roads were even quieter.

This deserted area had become one of my favourite places to visit. It was secluded and quiet enough to give me a sense of safety, but was also an open public space, providing me with the thrills I sought.

Over a period of months, I had been coming to this junction to masturbate. With each visit, my confidence and aroused state had increased.

Initially, I had cycled there on my bike, and then, after lying on the grass verge next to my bike, I would pull dowm my pants to my knees, and have a wank, until my eager penis had deposited its load over my stomach. I would then wipe up, pull up my pants and go.

However, as time went on, my activities became more adventurous. I knew that if any traffic were to approach, I would easily hear it coming and have time to hide or dress, or whatever.

I knew that the most likely traffic would be tractors or other farm vehicles, all of which were slow and noisy. The closest houses were about 3/4 mile away, down a dead end lane which met at the junction itself.

And so I began to strip off, and spent many pleasant times being completely naked, either sitting or lying on the grass verge masturbating, or stood in the middle of the lane pumping away on my hard teen cock.

I learnt the art of what people now call 'edging', bringing myself to the very point of ejaculation, but holding back. I became very good at this (and still am), and was able to spend 2 or 3 hours at a time, simply walking around naked, up and down the lane, into the adjacent fields, with my cock in a constant state of erection, twitching and eager to explode.

With hard, full balls, tight and high beneath my throbbing penis, my senses were heightened as I thrilled to the freedom of being completely exposed to the world.

Having discovered a place to hide my bike and clothes behind a hedge beside the lane, I felt supremely confident that I would never be discovered.

And, of course, the inevitable would happen. No longer able to hold back any longer, I would finally explode my hot, bubbling load, usually standing in the middle of the lane, legs astride, my hand pumping away as my eager cock squirted huge amounts of teen spunk in never ending strings of white cream.

Then, spent and satisfied, I would dress, and go home.

Then, one day, I was found out.

Looking back, I know why. I had never even considered the potential for pedestrians coming down the lane.

And so that day, I was walking along the lane, my cock in my hand, my balls heavy and tight. I'd been edging for over 2 hours, and knew I would have to cum soon. My cock was thick and throbbing, with a constant flow of clear, dripping fluid seeping from its tip, and running down its shaft, its lubrication enhancing my experience.

And then, from around the bend in the lane, she appeared. A young lady, I guess aged in her early 20's. I can't remember now how she looked in detail, but she definately had long, straight dark hair, and she was quite small and slender.

What I can remember, and will never forget, was the sudden rise of panic and terror inside me, an incomprehension of the situation, disbelief that this girl had appeared , as if from nowhere, and was walking towards me, as I stood there, completely naked, with my cock jumping in my hand.

The problem was, I had no where to hide or escape to. She was between me, and my bike and clothes. I was stood in the middle of the narrow lane, tall hedges on both sides.

Within seconds she had seen me. I remember just being frozen to the spot, as she slowed down, but continued walking towards me, until she was a few feet away.

What she must have thought of this sight I can only guess. Seeing a naked 15 year old lad holding his bursting erection in the middle of a quiet country lane probabley wasn't what she had expected to come across that day.

She didnt say a word to me, but sort of smiled as she aproached, looking at my penis.

And at that point, my pent up arousal simply exploded. Without any movement of my hand, my cock seemed to just go into auto pilot. Maybe it was the effect of having this girl seeing me. I dont know.

But I unloaded myself in front of her. It just poured out, spraying all over the road. I removed my hand, almost in a shock reaction at finding my penis take on a mind of its own.

For several seconds, she just stood and watched as squirt after squirt of creamy cum pumped from my balls, leaving me gasping, and unsteady on my feet.

As the final drips of cum emerged, the girl just continued walking, and passed me in silence, just smiling at me, knowingly.

That was the last time I ever went to that location to masturbate.

Getting Caught No.2

Well, this incident brings things right up to date. Nearly 30 years have passed since first getting caught. I still enjoy masturbating outdoors. Maybe, at my age, it isnt a good thing. I'm married, have 2 young children. But I can't resist my urges.

During the summer this year (2008) I've been doing some work for a customer on their property.

They have quite a large piece of land, may 5 or 6 acres, mostly paddocks for their horses.

I was there one Sunday morning, and feeling really horny and aching for a wank. So, knowing (?) that nobody would be about at that time of day (8.30am), I decided to relieve myself.

With the horses out in the paddocks, the stables were empty, providing me with a quiet place to masturbate.

I entered one of the stables, and began to strip, removing my T shirt, shorts and finally my pants, placing them on the clean saw dust on the ground. My eager cock sprang out, and I began paying him some attention.

I had left both parts of the stable door open, as I knew that if anyone saw it closed, it would arouse suspicion, as they are always left open when empty, to let air into the stables.

Within a few minutes, my cock was throbbing and eager to cum. Obviously, over the past 30 years my ability to produce the copious amounts of cum I used to has declined. However, I reckon I'm still pretty good for my age.

I stood, legs astride, pumping away contentedly.

And then, at the stable door, appeared Amy, the pretty, slender, well-developed 15 year old daughter of my customer.

In that moment, the panic and terror of that day, many years ago, revisited me like a thunderbolt.

She just stood and stared at me for a few seconds, gazing at this 'old man', naked in her stables, his engorged cock in his hand.

'Hello.....er.....Hi', she eventually uttered.

'Amy....Hi....look, err, its ...nothing ..really......I .... I just needed a pee', I lied, my head spinning in a whirl of confusion.

She continued to look at my throbbing cock, its purple head glistening with pre cum, catching the shafts of early morning sunlight shining through the gaps between the wooden panels of the stable wall.

Depite the obviously desperate situation I had found myself in, I couldn't help but notice the sensations of arousal tingling inside, at having this rather horny young girl studying my private parts.

After a few moments, she simply said, 'Oh...OK...I'm sorry.....I'll come back when you've finished'.

With that, she disappeared.

Hurriedly, I dressed, and emerged from the stables. What the hell was I going to do? I was pretty sure that she knew exactly what I had been doing in there.

I looked around. She was in the the next paddock, with one of the horses. I walked over, wondering how on earth to deal with this situation.

'Er..hi......er..sorry about that, Amy', I began, 'I was desperate to go.........you know....for a pee'.

She looked at me, and I now knew for certain that she was well aware of what she had seen. Her pretty, fresh face displayed a trace of a not so innocent teen, as she smiled and said,

'Dont worry, Dave.....I won't tell anyone'

We've never spoken about it since. However, whenever I see her, she now makes a point of smiling at me, and staring down at my crotch in a suggestive way.



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