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Getting Bold With Chad

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Chad and I are both 19, and we both have known each other for all our lives. We are pretty close about everything, and routinely talk about sex and whatever else that comes to our minds. The story I'm going to tell you about actually happens every weekend he comes over. I know that may make this story sound fake but it's seriously, a routine thing, and sometimes we get a little more daring.

It all starts off with us both getting ready for bed. We go into the bathroom together in the basement (I live with my parents and I have the basement to myself, everyone else is upstairs.) and begin to brush our teeth and strip down to our boxers for a shower and what not. We're both in shape, he's got a muscular body (typical football jock) and I'm more average with a visible six pack and pretty big pecs, thank god for genetics, I don't usually work out. lol.

Anyway, we'll elbow one another while we're trying to hog the sink and finish brushing our teeth, laughing all the whole time. Slapping each others asses for a scare if we leave and then come back into the bathroom for whatever reason. And then the fun starts... We take off our boxers and get into the shower together and let the water run all over us and get lathered up in soap. Since there is only one shower head we have to take turns getting some water, but I couldn't be happier with that. Usually while Chad is washing himself I'll take my dick and rub it on his ass and reach around front to slowly get him hard and start jerking him. This immediately makes me hard. As I slide my cock between his cheeks (never penetrating, we just never do that..) the ecstasy that flows through me is unbelievable. He usually bends down and takes my junk in his hand and starts to pump me a little, and fondling my balls, teasing me. I don't like blowing my load at first so I usually force him to stand back up and then I go down and do the same. Then when it's my turn for the shower head he rides between my cheeks like I do to him.

After the shower is over and we're both suffering from blue balls we dry off and get into bed. Still hard as a rock (I never go soft after we start until I cum... the whole thing just gets me so hot) With the lights off for some reason we both become really shy, and I'm usually the first one to run my hand up his leg and over his naked body eventually getting to his junk. Chad usually follows after and things get pretty heated lol.

For some reason its a game of cat and mouse almost, I do something and he follows, and visa versa.

Sometimes I take his dick and mine and put them together, gliding the head and shaft around on one another using nothing but our precum. Then I jack us both off at the same time with our dicks together.

Sometimes Chad will wipe out the lube and pour it on my chest and dick and get on top of me, riding me as if we were fucking, but only getting off from the friction of our dicks and skin together. And then I'll get aggressive and flip him over and get on top and do the same.

All this time we are usually trying to keep things quiet, but a lot of the time we can't help but moan out from the stimulation flowing through our veins.

Usually we just pump on top of one another until we blow our loads all over and lay there spent wallowing in our cum. Every now and then things will get so hot that whoever cums first wets their finger in it and shoves it up the anus of the other. I don't think of myself as gay or bi, but let me tell you, it is the most amazing orgasm ever. Plus I usually shoot two or three times further.

Anyway, that's what cousins are for right?



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