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Getting And Education

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Gale and I met while working part time at the same discount store when we were in high school. We went to the same school, but she was a year behind me. She was a waif of a girl, with long straight blonde hair, no chest or hips to speak of. After knowing each other for a while we went out on a couple of dates, but things never clicked. We develop a platonic friendship while continuing to work together and go to school. I ended up going to a local college and moved out of home after a year. Gale and I still worked together; she started at the same college about the time I got my own apartment. I showed her the ropes of how to get around campus and would pass down old course books to her. She was still living at home and would come over to my apartment on occasion to get away from her folks and to study. In her sophomore year she signed up for the human sexuality class I had taken the year before. I told her that I still had the book, but I wanted it back when she finished the course.
One evening she came over with her book bag to have dinner and do a little studying. After dinner we broke out the books and silently got about doing our own assignments. After 20 minutes or so, Gale touched my arm. I looked up, and she said that she thought she was going to get a C in her sex class. In disbelief, I said no that's an easy A. She then said, my brothers are 20 and 22 years older than me, I've groped with guys in dark cars but I do not really understand the drawings of guys' anatomy that are in this book. Will you show me yours? I said what! Gale giggled, you won't let me play doctor with you? I said well, I've just never thought that way about you. She said it will only be for educational purposes and I do not think we're going to fall in love. I said well, things might happen. She said I needed to see that too and we'll take care of it. I agreed and we moved to my bedroom.
I took off my clothes and lay down in bed; she hopped next to me and started her examination. I started to become erect, and she asked if I made that happen or if it just happened? It just happens girl. Over the next 30 minutes she tugged, pulled, and pushed on every square millimeter of skin between my navel and asshole. Occasionally she would grab the base of my erect penis, squeeze, and say I want to see it limp again. After the third time doing that she reached into her bag and pull out some lube. I closed my eyes and thought finally relief. The next thing I felt was a well-lubed finger sliding up my asshole. My eyes flew open and I shouted, no way I did not sign up for that. She said I just want to find your prostate. I said save that for after you get an A, please finish me off now. She slowly started to work her lubricated hand up and down my penis. The pace was slow and by that time I needed relief. Then she stopped and pulled her had away. I said, don't stop. She said, I want to see you masturbate. Gale you said you would take care of this. She said no, I said WE could take care of it. Come on, if you got an A in the course you've done it before. I said that I did it for years before I took the course. Here you want to see. I grabbed my aching dick and started stroking. After a minute, Gale added to the sensations by lightly rubbing her fingers from my asshole and across my scrotum. When I started to come I groaned and she gabbed my balls and shook them with just the right amount of force. After the primary spurts of semen finished, I was sweaty and just lay back holding my penis. She pulled my hand away from my member and gently stroked me until I was completely limp.
The next thing really blew my mind. She said there is one more thing I need to do. She got up and pulled off her t-shirt and jeans. She did not have any underwear on. Then she reached into her book bag and pulled out a wand vibrator. She got back in bed, turned to me and said I bought this last week. She lay down next to me, flipped it on, and started it working over her crotch. I leaned over and started licking and nibbling her tiny pink nipples and stroked the insides of her thighs. Two or three minutes into this she had an orgasm that must have lasted somewhere between five and ten seconds. After she came, we curled up together and fell asleep.



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