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Getting a Late Start

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Getting a Late Start
I got a pretty late start in the idea that other people actually masturbate. In fact, I was 22 and a senior in college when a rowing buddy and I literally "fell into" a new understanding of things. We were house sitting for two women we both knew well over Thanksgiving. I was in one bedroom, he was in the other.
Early on a Saturday, he comes crashing into my room, just to give me a bad time. I wouldn't wake up, so he climbed up on the bed and was stomping around. I was half pissed off, half amused, so I pretty aggressively knocked him flat on the bed. He was stunned for a bit and just lay there. It was this intense pivotal thing neither of us understood. Suddenly, this guy I never thought much about physically except that he was the other good rower in the boat, was laid out next to me. 6'5" of Scandinavian smoothness and muscle. I could see into his boxers -- they were askew. And his penis was getting hard.
Now this guy already had a 7" penis flaccid. We called him "Mule" on the team. But when it filled, it was kind of taking my breath away. It was huge. Not quite real. And his testicles were these big, long golden brown sacks. If testicles can be pretty, his were. I didn't think. I just did. I reached over, and slid my hand under the elastic of his boxers. I could feel that incredible thing hot on the back of my hand.
He said, "what are you doing?" I didn't know. He didn't know. But instead of leaping up and getting out of there, he stayed, and I slowly wrapped my hand around his penis. How to hold it? It was very large and very wet -- which I also didn't understand. I didn't really experience precum when I jerked off alone. So I pulled myself over, got right up in his long, straight hairs and held his testicles down and hard away from his penis, and slid my hand slowly up and down his shaft. It was a frozen moment. A perfect moment. My heart was about to leap out of my chest, my own penis was desperate to go somewhere, anywhere and hump. Instead, I just stroked that buttery monster of a penis until suddenly, my friend arched his broad back very high. I recall seeing the bedroom door under his body, across the room. His butt was this small, bubble lump of pure muscle. He was just overpoweringly sexual and male and excellent. And then he shot -- like a water pik -- this hard, hard hot spray right past all the activity and along his jaw and shoulder. Amazing. And then we kind of laughed. And he jumped off the bed and took a shower.
We never talked about it again. We were in each other's weddings. I'm happily married with kids, and I believe he is, too. Still think about it some time. But have always been amazed that something this intense could exist for an otherwise pretty straight couple of guys. Yes, I agonized over it -- it's been over 10 years. But hey. We are what we are. Capable of many emotions. The only one we should reject out of hand is self-hate for experiences that are not the usual talk of the locker room. Just wanted to share that because it was so intense for me, and I thought for so long I was a strange guy. Now I think that maybe we all have a mix of things. Nothing's that simple.



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