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Getting a Great Release

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I'm a married man now but this happened a long time ago. One summer I was walking through our shopping centre getting eyefuls of sexy girls in their mini skirts and tight leggings, I was feeling really horny.I needed to masturbate.

Outside the shopping centre are some toilets underground. I decided to pay a visit and give myself a wank. I walked down the steps and went to the large Victorian urinal. There was no one else around. Directly behind the urinal there are four toilet cubicles. I unzipped myself at the urinal and my cock sprang out. I started wanking myself then heard some footsteps coming down the steps. A man came in and stood more or less next to me. Even if I wanted to hide my erection I couldn't, I was so hard.

This man looked at me and I could see he was getting aroused. I had never been with a man before so I was a bit apprehensive. He reached out to touch my cock and I was so horny I let him. He started wanking me slowly and to be honest I was loving it. Suddenly we heard footsteps and he pulled away and moved away from me. Another man came in and he came right up and stood more or less where the first man was standing. My cock was throbbing and this other man was looking at it. He said softly 'Nice cock mate' and he reached out to touch it. He started wanking me and the first man came back up closer. He looked behind at the cubicles nodded to the other man and said lets take him in there. He said to me come in we will look after you.

I was really randy and said ok. One man went in I followed him with my cock pointing to the ceiling. The second man followed me in and shut the door. When I heard him locking the door, boy was I horny. I'd never done this before and thought these guys are going to do things to me and no one else will see. They undid my belt and my jeans and pants were pulled down past my knees. My cock was throbbing. I felt a hand encircle my cock and another playing with the very bottom of my shaft. My foreskin was being slowly pulled back over my glans and back again and my balls were being loving caressed.

Another hand, I don't know whose hand it was, was rubbing my cock as well. They didn't unzip themselves, it seems they were intent on giving me as much pleasure as they could. I never knew two men could masturbate another man possibly better than himself, and to think I had never been with a man before. I was enjoying what was being done to me very much. I was oozing pre-cum and now they started wanking me faster. I knew I wasn't going to last much longer. My face was burning as now they upped the pace. My legs were shaking and I was in ecstasy. One was holding my cock as the other was wanking me furiously now.

I could feel my orgasm building, his hand was going like a train now. My knob was purple and one guy was supporting me as I leant against him as my knees were really shaking now. My face was contorted as well as I felt myself coming. 'OOOOOOOOHHH I'm coming' I whispered as I shot a wad of creamy spunk across the cubicle gasping and spluttering. My face felt like it was on fire. They wanked me till I was spent and then we heard someone else going into another cubicle.

One of the men said to me we had better go now just in case somebody really needs a cubicle. I pulled my jeans pants up arranged myself and proceeded to leave. They both came out as well. I looked back and they were both standing by the urinal wanking each other. To this day I don't know if they knew each other if it was planned or what. All I know is they gave me a fantastic time and since that I've had a few more experiences. Hope someone likes my story and feel free to comment.



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