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Get It Out before Moving

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AJ and I had been friends for a while. He was a few years younger and I was about to graduate from high school, but we hit it off. Suddenly he announced his family would be moving to New Hampshire. We were both devastated to be losing each other.

Just before leaving AJ invited me over to help him finish packing and spend the night. After playing some games and waiting for his parents to go to bed, we snuck upstairs. We put on a movie and started to really talk.

Neither of us had done anything more than finger a girl but AJ confessed once, he felt a guys' dick at scout camp. I never had, but good god was I interested! So I asked AJ, 'how was it? How big was he? How big are you?' AJ always avoided the size question, and trying to pursue things, I kept asking how big he was. 'We were comparable,' he'd say, 'but I'm not gay!'

Sure enough we finished our drinks and AJ went to the restroom. When he came out he was only wearing his boxer briefs with a full-on hard dick, raging through; he'd lost his shirt and his abs were beautiful! 'Ok, now I'm good and ready, let's compare size!' AJ said.

I wasn't one to decline to grab my dick, gave it a few strokes, and pulled it out. 'Nice dick,' AJ said. 'Kinda beautiful.' As we pushed our hard dicks against each other and hugged for a few minutes talking about the times we'll miss and times we'll never have. Feeling his hard dick against my leg when we were hugging, I was completely turned on. After a good long squeeze we finally took a look at our members at full attention. Both cut, I was about seven inches, AJ was about five. So the rumours were true, AJ was 'small'. But I told him his looked good and he shouldn't worry about it.

After a few more hugs and 'I-love-you-man's we returned to watching a movie... for a few minutes. Not too hard to know what was on our minds though, after only a few minutes, our hard-ons still raging through our underwear, I proposed, 'you wanna jerk each other off? I mean it's gotta feel better having someone else do it, right?'

'Hell yeah, man! We've gotta promise not to tell anyone, swear to god?' AJ said. I agreed not to tell (whoops!)

He grabbed some lotion, we pulled our underwear down, got a little lotion and AJ grabbed my dick. It felt so good, so right and so natural, and I of course grabbed his. We kept feeling and slowly stroking. After a few minutes of slowly stroking and looking longingly at each others' dicks, I could hardly hold back. I moaned and practically yelled as I was going to cum only in time for AJ to watch the cum shoot out of my dick all over my stomach and AJ's hands.

After cumming, AJ suddenly shot up and freaked out for getting me off. After a momentary freak out, we both passed out. The next day, AJ denied remembering anything.

Two months after his move, he and my sister got together to have him brought back before I went off to college. That night, we gathered a troop in my basement. After sending some people home, I knew what I was going for so I said I was ready for bed. I set up a bed for our 'guest' AJ, only to lie down in it as soon as I made it. AJ joined me and told me he did totally remember the last time we got each other off, loved it, and was only denying cuz he didn't want to sound gay.

I told him it was cool, I didn't want people to know either and we got to feeling each other up. AJ's dick had grown, still a little late in puberty. AJ was a full seven inches hard now, and I was about eight. We continued stroking each other quietly, lovingly under the covers when suddenly the door fell open and David, a different friend came in.

AJ and I briefly talked to David to get him to lie down and pass out on the floor. Once we were sure he was asleep, AJ and I could resume our stroking. We went from soft to hard in a few seconds. Hard again, AJ's dick felt perfect in my hands, cupping his perfectly shaped balls, I was in heaven.

After a few minutes, AJ uttered 'I can't take it anymore, I'm gunnna cum!!!'

We pulled each other close by our dicks and after a few strokes spewed shot after shot of cum all over each other. We continued squeezing each other's dicks, holding each other close, feeling our hot, toned, warm, adolescent bodies pressing against each other.

Slowing down, enjoying the feeling, we worked each other up to another hard on. Holding each other close we came again, our cum covering each other. AJ ran his finger through both our cum (as if you could tell one from the other) and brought his fingers to my lips. Our cum was sweet, sexual and turned me on.

Finally we fell asleep cuddling. The next morning, as AJ and I were still cuddling David jumped in bed behind me to spoon me. In the early hours it felt like David had a huge hardon which he not so subtly pushed up to my butt.

Aj had to leave the next morning and we haven't seen each other again. David and I... haha, another story.



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