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Gentle Touch

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This story is a little different from the ones you usually see here, but I think it's still appropriate for this forum.


I'm not someone who has had a lot of crazy sexual experiences. I'm in my mid-thirties, married for several years, and have only had sexual relationships with three women, including my wife. But there was one situation in college which was very erotic and exciting, even though nothing really happened. Sometimes the 'almosts' and the 'not quites' can be the most arousing.

I was in my early twenties and had recently broken up with my very serious girlfriend (the second of the three) a couple of months earlier. I was not ready to start a new relationship, but was understandably starting to get very lonely and horny. There was this girl that I had several classes with who was much shorter than me, kind of plump, and quite loud and obnoxious. Not my type at all, and she also drove all of my friends crazy. But, it appeared that she liked me, and she kept flirting with me and dropping all kinds of hints. I played along, and after a while I actually started to like her, or at least I thought I did. In retrospect, it was probably just the loneliness and horniness.

We started hanging out a lot outside of class-going to shows, walking around campus, whatever. Somewhere in our conversations she ended up revealing that she had a boyfriend who was going to school in another state, so I knew right then and there that we would never hook up because I'm just not like that.

One night she came over to my dorm room to watch a movie with me, my best friend (who lived in the room next door), and his girlfriend. My friend and his girlfriend knew this girl had a boyfriend, and they were somewhat judgemental so they were very uncomfortable with her hanging out with me. As we watched the movie, she and I were sitting on the bed and ended up with our legs criss-crossing each other. No longer able to handle the uncomfortable situation, my other two friends left before the movie was over, leaving us alone.

We talked about everything, but mostly sex. She told me she was really curious about me. I knew nothing could happen, but my hormones were screaming. She could tell I wanted to touch her. She took one of my hands and gently placed it on one of her breasts. I quickly removed it, even though I didn't want to. Shortly after that the moment overtook us and we were kissing. She broke off the kiss and said 'We can't do this.' I replied, 'I know.'

I felt guilty and sad, and she could tell. We sat in silence for a few moments, and then we ended up laying down on the bed sort of spooning, she with her back against my front. Still feeling guilty, I was also unbelievably horny. I was wearing loose-fitting flannel shorts at the time (give me a break...it was the '90's). She whispered 'I can feel you. ' Then, ever so softly and gently, she reached behind herself with the back of her hand, and rubbed my hardness through my shorts. She was barely touching me and only moved her hand a couple of inches back and forth, but it was right on the sweet spot and I thought I was going to explode.

So many things went through my mind right then. I wanted to take out my dick and let her give me a full-on hand job. I wanted to put my own hand on her crotch, down her panties, on her breasts. I wanted to feel her wet pussy. But my conscience wouldn't allow it. Instead I just lay there, letting her subtly and gently rub me, pretending like I didn't even notice. Eventually I came in my shorts, remaining still and silent the whole time. Even though hardly anything was happening, it was one of the best orgasms I had ever had. Neither of us said anything, but I'm sure she knew.

We never fooled around after that. I felt guilty and embarrassed, and summer break came soon after, so we kind of drifted apart and didn't really keep in touch. But I still think about that night sometimes when I am masturbating alone: how erotic it felt to have her tease me like that, and sometimes fantasizing about what would have happened if we kept going.

Like I said, sometimes the thing that didn't happen can be the most exciting thing of all.



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