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Garage Masturbation Marathon 

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Garage Masturbation Marathon
I am delighted to send some of my masturbation experiences for your readers' enjoyment. I enjoyed writing them. You have a great site. I look forward to reading more experiences posted by others. I have others which I would like to post later on. They are about me and my wife.
I am a male now in my fifties. My first experience with masturbation was in the bath tub. I was about 9 years old. I liked to soap up my genital area and on one occasion I began to rub my penis with the slick soap on it. I started by lightly gripping my penis at the base and then running my hand up to the tip alternating with each hand. The lathery soap made it easy. Not being circumcised, the foreskin covered the penis head avoiding the stinging sensation from the soap. I went slow at first then increased in speed, again alternating with each hand and going in the up direction only. Eventually I began to feel a marvelous sensation that I had never felt before. I thought that I should stop because I didn't know if I was harming my self in some way. But I didn't stop. I kept on going. After a few minutes my penis began to get firmer. Then it happened. I began to cum. It was a nice sensation. That was my introduction to masturbation.
In the following months/years I learned the fine art of masturbation including sampling the taste of my cum and pre cum lubrication. Another memorable experience with masturbation was with three other boys. We were about 12 or 13 years old. We went to a friend's garage in the back of the property and would masturbate to see who could ejaculate the furthest up the wall. The garage was dim with only a few shafts of light coming through knot holes and cracks in the walls. It was a sunny summer afternoon and very warm in the garage. We pulled an old couch up to the wall about three feet away. We then sat on the couch and masturbated facing the wall. After several ejaculations each, we had no clear winner. In those days we could ejaculate and within 5 minutes be ready to go again. In a while an older boy, about 16, who lived across the alley came to the door and looked in. I guess he heard us in there having fun. He asked what we were doing. We described our game. Then he surprised us. He took out his penis and began to masturbate just inside the doorway. Since he was older, his cock was about twice our size. This was the first time I had seen an older person's cock fully erect. I loved it. It was big and fat and straight and best of all, uncircumcised like my own. I eagerly anticipated his cum spurting out.
However, for some unknown reason he stopped after a few minutes of jacking off. He then peed on the dirt floor, put his prick back into his pants, and left without a word.
Later on, after I had become hooked on the sensation of masturbating, I would go into our upstairs bathroom that I shared with my two older sisters. I would search in the bathroom clothes hamper for their soiled panties. I would get whatever panties were there. Sometimes there were none but most of the time there was least one pair. Then I would sit on the toilet, hang the panties around my penis by the crotch and masturbate. Sometimes I would bring the panties to my nose and smell the sexy bouquet. I would fantasize that my sisters were there showing me their pussies while I masturbated.Later on in my life, when I was married, the neighbors, a married couple, went on vacation with their children and left their cat for one of my children to tend. My child had access to the house in order to feed and water the cat. On one occasion, I went to the house while my child was in school to make sure the cat was doing okay. After looking through the house I finally found the cat in the master bedroom. While there, I glanced around the room and saw woman's silk panties neatly piled on a dressing bureau. I
began to feel my cock bulge in my pants and I got the desire to masturbate, which I did with a panty from the pile wrapped around my penis. In a minute I began to cum. I directed most of the cum into my hand but the last drops I squirted in the crotch of the panties. I then folded the panties neatly and placed them back on the stack. It gave me shear delight to think that my cum could soon be next to her pussy. I wonder to this day if the women ever noticed anything when she later went to put that pair on. The woman was beautiful with full round hips and ample breasts, both of which are turn-ons for me.



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