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Games With Cousins

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My Parents, brother of 15 and myself at 16 made our annual visit to my mother's sister's family. Our parents went out to dinner leaving our Grandmother in charge of the five kids. My cousins are Rodger, who is 12, his sister, Lynette, who is 11, and Randy, who is nine. The activities start when my Grandmother goes to bed around eight o'clock at night in Lynette's room. All of us kids would be sleeping in Rodger and Randy's room; Lynette and Randy in Randy's bed, Rodger and myself on a roll-a-way bed between Randy's and Rodger's bed. My brother Ken would be sleeping in Rodger's bed.

Rodger wanted to play a game where we would all take off our pants and underwear, run out to the Poplar tree in the front yard, touch the tree and run back into the house. We all agreed to play, we went into the living room and promptly got undressed; Ken, Rodger, and myself had 'hard-ons.' Randy didn't. Lynette giggled, exclaiming how big Ken and my 'things' were! We were both about six inches hard. Rodger on the other hand, was about two and a half inches hard. We could barely see Randy's 'thing.'

We all then made our run out to the tree and back. After everyone had their turn, we then went into the family room and took turns doing a strip tease dancing to music on the coffee table. Ken went first. I went next. Again Ken and myself had a fair amount of pubic hair and fairly well developed penis. Randy didn't want to dance so he went to his bedroom and went to bed. Rodger then got up and danced; he didn't have any pubic hair but was 'hard as a rock.' Lynette then got up on the table and took off the remainder of her clothes to the music. Her vulva was 'as bare as a baby's bottom' although her hips were taking a young woman's shape. Her breasts hadn't developed yet either.

Rodger jumped up on the table trusting his 'thing' into Lynette's buttock. Both Ken and I told him to 'knock it off' and Lynette pushed him off the coffee table. We then all got ready for bed, Ken, myself, and Rodger wore white cotton t-shirts and white cotton briefs to bed. Randy and Lynette wore pajamas over their underwear. Grandmother was sound asleep in Lynette's bedroom. Lynette had checked on her.

Once in bed, Lynette asked if we wanted to 'feel' each other. We all agreed, Lynette asked me to go first since I was next to her. Randy was fast asleep. Lynette was lying on her back on top of the covers and I started feeling up her right leg quickly to her vulva, which I spent quite a long time feeling through her pajamas. I did put my hand under her pajama top and undershirt and fondle her nipples until she asked me to stop because I tickled her.

I then asked her if she wanted to feel me, she said she did. I then got outside the covers and lay on my back. She promptly got on her knees grabbing my 'thing' with one hand and my 'balls' with her other. After fondling me with my briefs on I asked her if she wanted to feel me without my underwear on she said that she did. I then took off my briefs. My 'hard-on' was throbbing. Lynette then grabbed my 'thing' very tightly. In fact I had to pry her fingers off my member. I then took her hand around my shaft moving it up and down until I felt as though I would 'cum.'

I asked her to stop when she felt the pre-cum and asked me if I was going to 'pee.' I then told her I had to go to the bathroom, which I did and promptly 'shot my load' into the toilet. When I got back to the bedroom, Rodger wanted to play with his sister, but Lynette wasn't done with me, she wanted me to rub my 'thing' more. I still had a 'hard-on' so she got between my legs and rubbed my penis.

We then heard the front door open. The parents were home! We all got into our beds and pretended we were asleep. My aunt came into the bedroom, but then left, closing the door. We heard her telling our mother that we were all asleep.

The next day we all were hanging around the house. Ken and I were giving Randy and Lynette piggyback rides, watching sports on TV, basically doing nothing. When we weren't playing with Lynette she was playing with her girl friends. I was watching the TV in the family room alone when Lynette brought three of her girl friends over to me and said to them 'he's the one' they would then giggle and then go outside.

A little later Lynette came over and sat down next to me on the sofa, again we were the only ones in the room. I asked her why she brought her friends in to see me and why were you giggling? She told me that she told them that she had played with my 'thing' and they all thought that was great. She then asked me if she caused me to go to the bathroom last night? I said that she did and that if she would have kept going up and down on my 'thing' I would have 'cummed' in the bed. She then asked me what 'cum' was? I told her that 'cum' made babies and that if I put my 'thing' in her and shot my 'cum' she might have a baby.

She then asked me if I could make 'cum' without putting my 'thing' in her? I said I could. She then said that she wanted to watch me make 'cum.' I said I would. Our mothers then came into the family room a few minutes later telling us that Randy had complained that there was too much noise in the bedroom and that they were going to change to sleeping arrangements. They wanted Lynette to sleep in the living room on the roll-a-way. My mother suggested that I could sleep there too in my sleeping bag. My aunt asked if that would be all right and Lynette said that it would be.

The parents went out again and my grandmother was cooking in the kitchen until nine o'clock. Most of the evening was spent watching TV, Lynette went into the kitchen and told grandmother that she was going to her room and play. I followed about 10 minutes later telling the kids and my grandmother that I was going to take a bath. I got my clothes and told Lynette that I was going to make some 'cum' in the bathroom and that I would leave the door unlocked.

I went into the bathroom and started the bath, by the time I finished taking off my clothes I had a 'raging hard-on.' As I was getting into the tub, Lynette came in, locked the door and sat on the toilet facing me, in fact, about a foot away. I started stroking my 'hard-on' and after about 10 strokes, I shot a load of 'cum' about a foot into the air. Lynette sat there wide-eyed saying 'wow.' She then reached over touching the head of my penis, putting some 'cum' on her fingers. Rubbing her fingers together, she said, 'It's sticky!' She then left the bathroom. I cleaned up and got dressed and went into the family room. Ken, Rodger and Randy were leaving the family room to go to bed as I entered. Lynette had changed into her pajamas and was getting ready for bed. I heard my grandmother leave her room and go into Lynette's room. Lynette and I were the only ones left in this part of the house. I took off my shirt and pants and got into my sleeping bag. Lynette had gotten into her bed, which was about 20 feet away from me. She asked me to turn off the dining room light. I got up and turned off the light then I got back into the sleeping bag and tried to go to sleep.

About a half-hour later Lynette called out to me, 'Are you awake?' I said I was, she then said that she couldn't sleep and that some girls at school had told her that by rubbing yourself between your legs you could go to sleep. She wanted me to do it for her and would I? I was at her side in a flash with a 'hard-on.' She was lying on top of the blankets on her back. She asked me to turn on the light. I turned on the light and was back at her side. I asked her what she wanted me to do? She took my hand and put it between her legs on her vulva and told me to rub her between her slit with my finger.

After a few minutes, she asked me to take off her pajama bottoms, which I did. She was wearing white nylon panties. I then continued to rub her down there. After a few more minutes she said it wasn't working and that she wanted me to take off her panties. I pulled down her panties. She raised her butt and I pulled them off. I got a good look at her clit and vagina. (This is the first time that I ever saw this much of a girl's private area and now I would be touching her there!) Lynette took my finger and put it back on her slit.

I asked her if she wanted to feel me? She said she didn't and she really liked me rubbing her. I was ready to 'cum in my pants.' If Lynette would touch me I would 'shoot my wad.' As I stroked her 'slit' I moved my finger down toward her 'clit.' As I did this she spread her legs wider. She was wet and when I touched her 'clit' she asked me to just rub her the way I was.

We then heard a door open so I rushed back to my sleeping bag, turning off the light as I went. About five minutes later the parents came home. We had no more sexual activity during our stay this time. Lynette, Rodger and I had more sexual play within the next year.



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