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Games in the Woods

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The summer after eighth grade my family spent a lot of time at our lake house. I was really good friends with a local boy named Seth.

Seth and I would hang out in the woods as much as we swam. He had a four wheeler and we'd ride it through the woods to places we could be alone and talk about girls and stuff without being interrupted by our parents.

We were both thin, and kinda fit for young guys. We both had longish hair. Seth was had dark brown, and I'm blond. I always thought Seth was hot. I think we kind of flirted, but were too afraid of being too open about it.

Anyway, this particular summer, while we were out in the woods once, Seth kept talking about how much he had to pee. He was holding himself, and then he ran a bit away from me, and started to pee.

I joked him about being embarrassed for me to see his little dick. Then he said 'Whatever, come over here and see it.'

We joked like this all the time, but like I said before I think we were always too afraid to go too far. This time though, I just went for it.

I started to walk over to Seth, and he kept looking back at me, smiling and giggling. Before I got to him, he zipped up. He said I should have been faster.

We kept walking through the woods, and later I decided that I would pretend to pee just to see what he'd do. Just like him, I ran away from him and took my dick out.

Without saying anything, he started coming towards me. I asked, 'What are you doing?'

He said, 'Well, you tried to see mine,' and laughed.

I zipped up before he got to me, but he kept teasing me that I must be small if I was so afraid of another dude to see it. I just teased hiim back though, because he wouldn't let me see either.

Soon after, he said he needed to piss again. He walked away from me, and took his dick out, but I could tell he wasn't peeing. He was doing just what I had done before. (I think he knew that I was only pretending too.)

Anyway, I ran towards him and tried to catch him again, but he zipped up before I got to him.

This turned into a game, we'd both pretend to pee, and the other would try to catch a look of our dicks.

By the end of the afternoon, we'd both seen each other dicks, and we were both hard.

We didn't touch each other that first day, but we would play this game in the woods almost everyday.

One day Seth said that he didn't believe that I saw my dick. Which was a lie, because we pretty much always let the other guy catch us.

So I asked him, 'you could do the same thing. how would we prove that we saw the other dude's dick?'

He said, 'Well, we could grab them. We're both dudes, so it's not like we haven't touched a dick before.'

So, he said it was my turn to try to piss. He came over to catch me. I was nervous about him grabbing it, but I let him.

Then he took a turn and I grabbed him.

We played like this for a few days, then I suggested that it was too easy to grab it with your hand. I said we should try to tag the other guys dick with our own. Seth really liked this idea, and we started doing it.

It was so hot slapping my dick against Seth's, and him slapping mine.

Finally, one day, the slapping kinda went crazy, and we stopped running from each other and pretending to pee. Instead, we just starting having kind of a sword fight with our cocks.

We'd talked about masturbation before, and we both knew that we jacked off. Eventually, Chris said he was really hard, and it felt good for anything to touch his dick.

I agreed with him, and then we decided to just rub our cocks together. It was amazing and we both came really fast.

After that, we'd jack off or rub our dicks together every time we were together. We'd try to see how many times we could cum in a day.

Seth was an awesome friend, and I really miss those days.



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