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Game Set Match

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For those who read my friend's little sister, I have another story about Suzy. Suzy and I played for the same tennis club, though we played in different grades - her a few below mine, though she was a good player and we had doubled as a mixed team on a few occasions. One Saturday, our teams were both playing at home and she was playing on the court next to mine. She had just lost a grueling doubles match and was feeling a bit down. I got to chatting with her, sitting either side of a picnic style bench. I could smell her sweat mingled with her antiperspirant and it was making me feel a little heady. We settled in to watch the next match when I noticed that through the cut out circle in the middle of the table (for coolers or umbrellas) I could see straight between her legs and was looking at a pair of light pink panties. I looked away for a while then looked back and noticed that she was moving her legs, swinging them in and out. She looked like she was just doing it absentmindedly. From behind my sunglasses, I could see clearly and her public mound was visible. As she moved her legs outwards, I could see her panty line either side of her inside thigh and as she swung inwards her lips compressed forwards to make a pointy mound. This made my cock go hard and she obviously was unaware of my birds eye view. I watched for ages and could see the faint line of her outer lips and the dark shape of her pubes through the panties, which were quite soggy from running around on court.
I watched this for a while and then noticed to my horror and surprise that she was taking peeks through the cut out at my obvious excited state. This served to make me harder and at one stage she was openly staring with her eyes glassy and her mouth and lips slightly parted. She continued to swing her legs back and forth. Time slowed down and I felt like we were the only people there. To all intents and purposes we looked like two people watching a tennis match, though under the table things had well and truly heated up.
On about three occasions, I pretended to scratch myself and rearranged my cock so it was clearly poking alongside my leg and she could see the outline in my shorts. Once, she lifted her leg straight up in a mock stretch and I got an eyeful of right down to her ass, where her panties were firmly wedged between both cheeks. We continued like this for a whole tennis match and it seemed to me that she didn't know I was looking and she sure as hell thought I hadn't noticed her looking. I even reached down at one stage and slowly rubbed the side of one of my balls, exposing it briefly, while I rearranged myself. By the time the game finished Suzy took off to the club house like a rocket and I was stuck at the table not able to get up without advertising my state to all and sundry.
That night, back at my friend's house, I made sure I got those pink panties out of the hamper and jacked off into them. They were pungent with her scent and soggy and used washcloth. Suzy was out with friends and didn't return until I was asleep. The following weekend we finally got together, but that is another story.



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