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Gail's Boyfriend

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I was on a three day visit and did Gail ever have a boyfriend! She'd told me about him and 'his___' She was so right!


Gail and I went to school together and are very close friends. Three years ago, I was sent to another town by my employer and had been gone for almost a year when I got some time off and decided to head home and visit Gail. I had only given her a weeks notice that I was coming.

Gail lived with her boyfriend, Ralph. I arrived and we spent the evening at there house. Gail had to work the next day so we all turned in early. The next morning was Saturday and when I woke up Gail was already gone. I put on my robe and went to the kitchen and made some coffee. I then sat at the table to enjoy a cup. It was then that Ralph walked in. He looked at me, smiled and said 'Good morning'. I greeted him back. I was almost in shock because Ralph wasn't wearing anything but his briefs! He got a cup and sat down by me.

We talked as we drank our coffee. Under my robe I was wearing a light short nighty and as we talked, my robe started to open in the front. I didn't make any move to close it as it was obvious Ralph sure wasn't too modest. I was facing Ralph with my legs crossed. I didn't have on a bra and in my thin little nighty my tits were quite obvious. I caught Ralph sneeking a peep several times as we talked. I then glanced at Ralph's briefs and couldn't help but see he was getting an erection.

He finished his coffee and looked at me saying 'I'm ready for another cup but I don't dare stand up'. I replied 'Why not'? Ralph looked at me and just smiled. I knew exactly what he was talking about and that if he stood his penis would stand out like a sore thumb. I smiled back at Ralph and said 'Aw, come on. Stand up for me'. Ralph looked at me and said 'OK but you asked for it'. He stood up and just stood in front of me. My eyes were glued on his briefs. It was easy to see that Ralph was very well blessed. Gail had told me this over the phone when they started living together telling me something to the effect of 'It was a real pussy full' when they had sex.

I then said 'My god, you're big'. I looked at it for a few seconds and then looked up at Ralph's face. I then asked him 'Can I see it'? Heck of a stupid question to ask a man with an erection in his pants. I've never seen a man that wasn't dying to let a girl see what they have. Ralph said 'You know I'm Gail's boyfriend. This has got to be just between you and me'. I answered 'Yes, I know'. He then moved closed to me and said 'You pull my undies down. Then I can say you were wanting to see it and not me wanting to show it to you'. We both got a big laugh at this one.

I reached up and pulled his briefs down. I then said 'Wow! you are big'! I know his penis was a good 8 or 9 inches long and big around. I thought to myself 'No wonder Gail loves this guy'. I then asked another stupid question. 'OK If I feel it'? Again; what man isn't dying to have a girl feel them there. Ralph again just moved closer to me sticking it forward at me. I wrapped my hand around it and kind of instinctively started jerking it. Ralph looked down and said 'Ah, that feels good'. He then asked 'Will you rub it against your tits'? I'd had boys in the past want me to do this to them. I said 'OK' and took off my robe and lowered my nighty exposing my tits.

I took his penis and started rubbing the head against my tits and nipples as I jerked him. Ralph again had his head back and said 'Ahh, that feel so damn good'! I went from tit to tit and in a few minutes Ralph said 'Oh god, I'm going to cum. Please let me cum on your tits. Ahh, ahh' and the first rope of cum shot out hitting one of my nipples. I moved his penis from one to the other as he shot off his cum on them. When he finally got his breath back he looked at me and said 'Oh, that was good'! Cum was still oozing from his penis as I rubbed the head on my nipples. I could feel little throbs in it as he wound down.

Ralph then headed to his bathroom to clean up and I went to mine for a shower so I could clean all the cum off my breasts. I was covered with it. I spent two more days there but with Gail also there and she never knew anything ever happened. We are still the best of friends and I don't dare tell her about this encounter. Just between Ralph and me.



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