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G Spot Heaven

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I love this site, and I have my own PC in my bedroom, so I get to have plenty alone time to read Solo Touch.

I particularly like to read the techniques to see if I can find new ways to get off. Anyway some time ago my mom got me these Clairol hair curlers, they fit in a plastic holder and get hot when you plug them in, they are about seven inches long and about the size of a small hot dog and purple in color. When they are hot you pull them out and twist them around to curl your hair, to be honest the first time I saw them I got to thinking they would be ideal for masturbating, the perfect size, and bendy too. You can make them into any shape you like, wiggly, curved, straight... Well you guessed it after about a week of using them on my hair, I had some alone time while mom and dad and my brothers went to the mall, leaving me to get on with my school work... Yeah right the moment they had left I was on Solo Touch, when I get on solo I always make sure I have total alone time, I lock my bedroom door and get completely naked, I then get my special pillow and place it on the PC chair, then I get some tissues handy for cleaning up.

I start off by teasing my nipples and reading new techniques, this leads to me eventually pulling on my nipples harder and harder as I get more worked up, they are pretty large for my age, a firm 34b, when I get really horny I can pull my left nipple up enough to lick it. I have to say the feeling is pretty good, and usually makes my puss so wet that she drips on the computer chair, after a while I have to move down to my clit, and is getting larger by the minute and very, very sensitive.

Anyway this particular day I must have been diddling online for an hour. I had almost come several times, but backed off, when all of a sudden my mom called from her mobile to say they were all going over to Aunt Mary's and would I be able to make myself something for lunch, oh god yes I'd get something ok, this made me even more horny knowing I had the whole house to myself, it would be hours before anyone would be back, sure enough 20 minutes later mom called to say they had all arrived at Aunt Marys house and would be watching the game until around 7 pm, I told her I would be fine and that I was busy working on my project for school anyway and not to worry about me.

My heart shot into my mouth, this would be the longest time I had ever been alone in the house... naughtily I decided to make the most of the time... I wanted to try out my parents new Jacuzzi because I had read on Solo Touch about another girl getting off on the water jets and I soooo wanted to try it. I filled up the Jacuzzi and got in, after a few moments I turned it on, I could feel the jets pushing at my back and my legs, it was so relaxing and yet I felt so sexy. I decided I wanted to try and get off using one of the front jets, I chose the one I thought was about the right height and right position for me, if I knelt down and position myself just right, sure enough I could feel it thumping against my clit. I'm not sure what clit thought it was but she really loved it, this left me with both hands free to play with my nipples. OK there I was kneeling down in my parents new Jacuzzi, water jets thumping against my now hardening clit, I was doing all I could not to explode. I guess it was just a few moments when I felt that tight feeling in my puss and I knew she was about to come. OMG I came, unable to hold back I let out a loud moan, falling back in to the Jacuzzi my eyes closed, I had to hold my puss with my hand and shut my legs tight, this had to be the best come yet. I lay in the water for about 20 minutes just letting the feeling drift over me, that oh so good feeling after a huge orgasm.

I got out and started to dry myself, but when I got around to drying puss with the towel she let me know she was still horny and I was so aware that I needed something inside me. It was just then I had a dirty thought, I had been using my little hair curling things for some time and had read that if you can get to your G spot it's supposed to get you off really hard. I ran to my room got one out of the holder and ran back to the Jacuzzi. Getting back in I turned the water jets up to full, it took me all my time to just sit in one position the water jets were so strong. Reaching down I pushed my little rubber curing thing right up my hole, I spent the next half hour working it in and out, OMG I was so f***ing horny.

Anyway I pulled out the curling thing and shaped it so that it had a curved up tip, like a banana but just at the very end. I pushed it back up my pussy hole and began to work it. I experimented with where I thought my G spot was, in fact I found out in a fairly short period it was inside my hole and up. I could feel it with my index finger like a little lump but if you worked the end of the curling thing over it, it gave me a totally different feeling, pussy was clenching at it uncontrollably. So here goes nothing I thought. I positioned myself in front of the jet and began to F**k myself with it, sitting up and down on it, making sure to hit that little lump each time it went up inside me.

I'm not sure if it was the combination of the water jets or having something inside me, but I was rocking uncontrollably back and forth grinding the hair curler that I was holding, faster and faster up and down, I got so carried away I was grunting with animal passion each time I came down on my G spot, the next few moments were a daze as I came and came and came and came uncontrollably. The first orgasm nearly made me pass out, the second was a little gentler, but the third had me coming so hard I lost the jet and fell back into the water. I lay for a moment, looking at my body jerking, toes curling my nipple like pebbles, and soon after this I pulled out the little curling rubber thing from my hole, and I studied it wondering how something so simple and so small could give so much pleasure. This was my new toy, and you know the best part... no one ever knew what I used it for, well apart from curling my hair.

If you want to find your G spot (and it's well worth the time) mine is just about a full finger in and up. It feels funny like a little bump and feels like it has a dimple at the end, if you just take sometime and work this with your finger or a toy, the rewards are well... just too much to try and describe. I'm so much into masturbation, sure I have a steady boy friend but masturbation is my special time when I can just spend time with for me, just pleasing me, no one else... I hope you like my story.... happy Jilling.



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