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Fuzzy Slipper Masturbation (2)

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You may have read 'Fuzzy Slipper Masturbation' which was posted a few days ago, when a neighbor lady had caught me sneaking peeks at her slippered feet on occasions, and one day 'took matters in hand'. This story is the next meeting between the two of us.

It had been about two weeks since my initial fuzzy slipper masturbation session with the neighbor lady down the street, and while I had pounded the pud many times afterwards thinking about it, it just wasn't the same as the real thing that I had experienced. Then, one day, she called to ask my mom if I could come over and help her move some furniture and since my parents were going to see my grandmother for the day, my mom said sure, it would keep me busy and out of trouble (little did she know).

I walked down to the house and knocked, whereupon Mrs. X came to the door, smiled and opened the door for me to enter. Bummer, while she looked great in those same cut off jeans and a tube top (you could see those fantastic long nipples poking through the material), she was barefoot with no slippers on. True, her dark red painted toes were a nice contrast against those lovely long tanned legs but I had hoped to see those fuzzy mops on her feet again. I said hellow Mrs. X whereupon she said that under the circumstances, when we were alone to call her Jean.

We began shifting the furniture around (some of it several times as she couldn't decide which way she wanted it) and soon I began to sweat due to the humidity and the activity. Jean then suggested that I should change into a pair of man's shorts that she had already laid out in the bathroom 'just in case'. I went to the bathroom and stripped down to just the shorts and returned to the living room to see...holy shit, she had removed her tube top and jeans and had put on a pair of pink fuzzy open-toe scuffs that allowed her red toes to peek through the front. Needless to say, an instant erection began to tent the front of my shorts whereby she smiled and said that I must be approving of her outfit. I could only gape at those beautiful nippled tits that I had fondled before and those sexy slippered feet that she now had on.

She said that we needed a break from work and would I like to sit down on the sofa next to her and rest. It didn't take twice being asked for me to do so by her. She then asked that I sit at one end of the sofa whereby she slid down to the other end and swung her feet up onto the couch towards me. Smiling, she then told me to swing around facing her and upon doing so she then slowly moved a slippered foot up the inside of my leg letting the fur caress my skin in doing so. Then she asked if I would like to 'fuck her slippered foot' (wow, the lady said 'fuck') and I moaned in response as she gently pushed her foot against my groin and now raging hard-on.

'Take off those shorts and get up on your knees' she instructed and I did so eagerly. She then instructed me to slide my dick into the front of the slipper underneath her foot which was tight but I finaly managed it only to experience a state of instant bliss on feeling the fur tickling the underside of my dick and the pressure of her foot on the top. She then began to move her foot back and forth along my dick and at the same time she brought her other foot up under my balls which she began to lightly tickle. She began telling me to 'fuck my slipper' and 'shoot your cum on my foot baby' and needless to say I complied within a very short time. Upon cumming, I then removed my dick from her slipper and she was telling me what a good boy I was and how much she enjoyed seeing me fuck her slippers this and the previous time. She said that the next time she had something that I needed to do for her and I readily agreed knowing that I would get to see fuzzy slippers again. I then got dressed and went back home to dream about what happened for the rest of the day and masturbate that night remembering the feeling of the fur.

Session 3 with Jean will come at a later date.



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