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Fuzzy Slipper Masturbation

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When I was in high school, a new neighbor lady moved in next door to my parents. She was not bad looking for someone who I found out later was 37 years old, and she had a very nice tan body. Many times I would see her outside in cut-off jeans (showing very nice legs), a skimpy shirt, and her hot pink shaggy mop fuzzy slippers. We would make small talk and I would, for some reason unknown to me, try to sneak glances down at her slippered covered feet from time to time without being caught. Several times I thought I noticed a slight smile on her face after sneaking a peek.

One day, upon seeing me outside, she called me over and asked for my help in replacing a light bulb in her den, which had a vaulted ceiling, and she was unable to reach even with the ladder she had. Upon entering her house, I noticed that she had on a very long t-shirt and those pink fuzzy slippers that had caught my attention so many times before, and this caused a slight stir in my crotch which I hoped would go unnoticed by her. Upon climbing the ladder almost to the top with the replacement bulb, I noticed that she had also come partly up and had grabbed my upper thigh from between my legs to 'give me support.'

I managed to get the bulb changed and was starting down the ladder when I noticed that she was not moving her hand from between my legs causing it to move up my leg until resting on my crotch area which she could now tell that I was semi-aroused. I heard her ask if she could repay me for my help, but only faintly as I was more concentrating on her hand and it's now exploring actions by her. She commented that I shouldn't go back home looking like that and having my parents wondering what might have happened all the while rubbing and squeezing my now raging hard-on.

Eventually she removed her hand and stepped down from the ladder and helped me down. Upon landing on the floor, I noticed her stare riveted on my crotch with no pretense at hiding her attention. She asked if I masturbated and getting over my shock finding my voice again, I gave a weak reply that I did on occasion. She then asked if I had ever had a female do it for me to which I replied no. 'Well' she said, 'today you will no longer be able to say that' at which point she pulled off her t-shirt revealing a pair of pink silk panties and no bra. Her tits were very nice but the most eye-catching feature were the nipples which must have stuck out a good half inch and were huge in diameter. She took my hand in hers and placed it over her breast and asked me to squeeze and pull on her nipples; all the while she was busily getting my pants off me. When she had me down to my underwear, she stepped back and gave a low groan upon seeing the 'tent' that was now before her with the wet spot from pre-cum that had seeped out from her rubbing.

Suddenly, I felt something very soft being brushed against the underside of my balls. Upon looking down, I saw that she had removed one of her slippers and was now brushing it over my crotch area. She then proceeded to tell me that she had noticed on numerous occasions that I had been fascinated by her fuzzy slippers and thought that maybe I would enjoy her using them to relieve me. My only reply was a very deep groan of pleasure. She asked me if I would enjoy shooting my load into her slipper and I replied a weak 'yes'. At that point she took the slipper and slid my cock into it, grabbed the slipper from the outside and began to slowly jack me off all the while egging me on to fill her slipper with my cum. It didn't take very long with the sensation of her fur slipper surrounding my cock and her words to bring me to the point of explosion and I shot my load into her slipper for some length of time.

Upon finishing, she removed the slipper, and to my surprise put the cum-soaked slipper back on her foot; giving a slight moan in doing so. She asked me how I enjoyed the slipper masturbation to which I told her that it was heaven. She smiled and said that she enjoyed it too and we would have to do it again, but for now I should get home before my parents began to wonder about me. With that, she kissed me and said that she would call soon for more furry fun.

Many times over the next couple of years did we have our sessions and I will post more at a later date.



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