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Future Wife's Sister

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My wife's sister was one spolied brat. I first met her when she was an already well developed 13 year old. This happened when she was 15.


They only had a three bedroomed house. One for my wife's parents, one for my wife and her sister and one for a really odd brother.

In the girl's room was a double bed and a single bed. They had no problem in me sleeping with my wife to be, but we didn't do anything if Claire was in the other bed. (Unfortunately)

So.. my fiance' had got up and gone to work. (I worked evenings then). That left me to sleep in, and Claire in the next bed as she was not going to school owing to a sore throat.

'I'm FREEZING' came her petulant little whine from the next bed. Now, Claire was a girl used to getting whatever she wanted merely by demanding it. I have to say, I hated her spoiled little ass.

'WEll, I'm not. It's warm today. What's the matter with you?' All I wanted was to get back to sleep. But no, she tossed and turned and griped. Then...

'Can I get in beside you?' Anything for a quiet night, so I hooched right over and turned my back on her. I heard the covers move and felt the bed jerk as she crashed down beside me and it felt like she had taken a flying leap from her bed.

I rolled over intent on telling her to fuck off and I found myself next to a stark naked girl who had wrapped her leg around mine and was already wet. I pushed her away, and told her that her sister would NOT be pleased. 'Did you fuck her last night? Claire asked. 'What with YOU in the room listening?.. NO'. 'Great, then you must be horny.' At that point I got up, (sporting a hard on) 'Now LOOK Claire. I have no intention of fucking you. For one, you are 15, for two, I....(She kicked the covers aside.. so much for being cold)....don't... think... (She spread her legs and started to masturbate)'

That's as far as I got. I stood there, watching my fiance's 15 year old sister jilling herself off right in front of me. 'Talk to me.' But as she said that, it was not a demand, it was a request, she was pleading. 'What about?' 'Tell me about fucking my sister.'

I let my cock slip out of my PJs and I grabbed hold of it. 'This only just fits up your sister's tight pussy. She loves me to tease her with it before shoving it in REALLY fast and hard. Then she likes me to bang her hard and fast'.

Claire was moaning at this point, and I admit, I was jacking quite quickly myself.

'Ohh yes.. and she likes me to suck her pussy. She loves my tongue on her cunt and on her clit.. '

'Fuck yes... DON't STOP'

Now, I felt I wouldnt be long either and Claire was making a large wet patch on the sheets.

'And Lucy's pussy smells soooooo fucking horny'

'YEah... (gasp)... I know....(Gasp)... I've smelled her knickers ... a couple... Ohhhhhh shiittt' And with that three things happened, two of them simultaneously.

One was that both Claire and I came at the same time. I shot a load right onto her legs, pussy, belly, everywhere.

The third, happened immediately afterwards and is most definitely NOT for here.

A few weeks later, my lovely fiance and I had a heart to heart, and I told her about Claire and me that day. I didn't want any lies or secrets. I was ashamed of what I had done and did not want a marriage with THAT in the closet. Lucy was not in any way surprised. 'Claire has been trying to get you into her knickers since we first met. She told me how much she wants to fuck you. So now, the question is simple. Me or her? I told Lucy that I was sorry it happened but Lucy was the girl for me.

So, eighteen months later, we married. During that time, Lucy was my only love interest, although we used the experience with Claire as part of our kinky love life.



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