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Fusional Moment

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This is the closest I've ever come to fusional reality, I think. It is the story of masturbating with two women who love me very much, and who had just become lovers. We all spent a week together, bringing three countries and as many continents: Meiko from Asia, Maeria from Europe, I from North America, Brooklyn, to be exact. We spent a lot of that week experimenting in various experiences of masturbation, and when my turn came to ask for what I wanted, this is what I asked for, what I was given, and what I received.
The three of us were naked. We had all seen one another in different states of self-given arousal, and the women had masturbated with one another, by themselves. We were in the middle of a photo project as well that extended for some months on either side of this experience, and had all seen and studied photographs of one another masturbating, including facial images of orgasm. It was a cozy scene.
I breathed deeply in Mother Nature. The room was dark and quiet and warm. A fish tank glowed. I lay back on my bed and penetrated myself slowly. They watched, and I was watched. At this point time became a kind of circle and opened up into space.
Meiko and I, many other times, masturbated together as a way of loving. Maeria and I had not before now, but it was now time, time for her to see everything. I wanted her to see. The two women emanated love from poles of the galaxy, surrounding me. My knees were pulled up in the same position I like women to be in when I fuck them. But it was me who was getting fucked, by my own hands, melting into myself as the women watched and understood. That was maybe the best part of all, being understood.
Meiko took over the penetration and I let go deeper into the dream. She fucked my ass with the soft model cock I had been using, and in reached deeply with her familiar hands. That both women could see my face was an understatement. I was totally exposed to them.
I heard them whisper to one another and the energy shifted. Meiko handed Maeria a mirror and it was held over my body, over my face. I could see my body language and as they brought the surface closer to me, I could see the very out-there look on my face. I was at peace with myself, but the gentle guidance to do so came from the women.
They both knew that I wanted to suck my cock and Maeria knew I was into drinking my semen. Meiko had seen me do it many times: she had taught me how. I asked that Maeria be next to my face. Inches from my face. I could feel her breath and feel her eyes and feel her love. Her nude body kneeled on the floor next to the low bed, and I knew she held the mirror in her hands.
And I could feel her surrendering to what she was experiencing. A conscious act.
Ejaculation is fuller after I have been fucked. And orgasm has been delayed for a long time, and my need is really deep. Knowing that my face will be seen floods me, mind first and then feelings, with the desire for it to happen.
I masturbated as Meiko held my legs in the snowplow position, my cock inches from my face, Mearia's eyes witnessing this close up. Orgasm filled me, and pulses of ejaculation soon followed. My mouth was open wide and I just let my face go and took the semen. I closed my eyes. It was involuntary. Orgasm wracked and rippled my mind such that I could not support the effort of vision. The first pulse splashed on my face, and I wanted to drink. She aimed my penis for me and he second reached literally to my throat and splashed on my tongue. I wanted to close my mouth at that point and swallow, feel its texture and scent, but dared not. Anther streak of my soft creamy semen met my tongue. A third splashed half in and half out and then I had to swallow. It just happened. I closed my mouth as the fourth stream jetted onto my lips and nose as the gulp of semen rolled down my throat.
Maeria stroked my hair and put the mirror to my face. I was looking at my face in the half light, covered with my semen, my eyes looking into themselves for meaning. 'I love you, Francis,' she said.



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