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Further on from School With Chris

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Last time I told you how I ended up rubbing myself off with Chris, my best (male) freind at school. We had run up to an old attic and had ourselves a really fun time. I also told you that when I orgasmed, I peed and Chris said it had turned him on. We talked on and on and he said that he had jacked off a couple of times imagining I was some sweet little virgin peeing herself. This gave me an idea.

Three days later, I got to talking with Chris and asked him about what we did. He blushed up and said that he really lovied talking dirty to me and watching me cum. 'I dont know why, Anna, but I really loved watching you pee.'

This gave me an idea so I told him to skip the last class of the day and meet me in our very own Room of Requirement. I was already there when I heard him come in and I had dressed for the ocassion too. I had a white blouse on with a school tie, a pleated checked skirt and blue cotton panties with white knee socks.

When Chris appeared, I looked startled and began to appologies for being there. I was very submissive with stuff like, 'Please dont tell on me, Sir!' and 'I'm really scared of you.'

Chris immediately got into role and pretended to be really angry with me. 'You KNOW you are not allowed up here...you students make me so fucking MAD' (He obviously remembered that talking dirty really does it for me.)'You ill mannered little slut.'

I began hopping from one foot to the other. 'Please, Sir.. oh please let me go, I need the bathroom.'

'No fucking WAY. You wil stay here until I finish with you. You MUST BE PUNISHED.' Then, he ordered me to squat on the floor. I made sure my skirt was out of the way and let a little pee go into my panties which turned the material almost black immediately. Chris got an immediate hard on.

All the time he kept calling me names. 'You dirty little cunt. LOOK at you pissing yourself. You filthy little fuckbag.'

I let a little more pee out with each insult. Then, he suddenly asked me to stop and to kind of stand, but with my back against the wall and my legs spread. Then he knelt real close between my legs. He looked up at me and said 'Pee, Anna. Realy slow.'

I did and felt my ass get wet as the pee spread. Then I felt something totally unexpected and wonderful. Chris was tonguing my clit through my panties as I peed. It was the most erotic thing anyone had ever done to me. In my mind, I thought about my pee on his face and maybe even in his mouth. His expert tounguing made me cum real hard.

When I finished peeing and cumming I asked him to stand up. I took his cock out and aimed it at my pussy. 'Pee on my panties,Chris,' I managed to whisper.

He obliged and the feeling made me cum again. I then took off my soaked panties and tucked them behind an old book case. I jacked Chris until he spurted his cum on my pussy, which promptly sent me over the edge again.

Then something really unexpected happened. Chris took my face in his hands and kissed me like no-one has ever kissed me before. It made my knees go weak and my pussy ached to have him inside me. I even tried to guide his still hard cock in me.

Instead he said 'No, Anna. Don't get me wrong, I would love to go all the way with you, but I want to do it in a better place than this. Somewhere nice. I don't want to fuck you, I want to make love to you...' Then he smiled 'THEN we can fuck ourselves raw!'

I totally understood what he meant. I went to the bathroom and washed, but I walked home with no panties on and the memory of each jet of his cum hitting my clit. By the time I got home, I was horny again and rubbed myself off.

Since then, we have given each other little treats. I phoned him one evening and gave him some real good phone sex. Then I masturbated into a pair of my panties a couple of times and handed them to him as we walked into school. In return he gave them back at the end of the day with his cum in them.

Next week, we are going to a motel for the night.

We have done a few other kinky things, but that is for another letter.



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