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Furniture Wankers

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This is a true story of something that happened many years ago. It relates to something I have never read about in Solo Touch, but something I thought you might find interesting.

When I was growing up I knew of this family with four daughters. For purposes of this story we will call them Cathy, Karen, Marilynn and Erin. They were a few years apart but all close enough to hit puberty within a ten year age range.

The girls had a mum who was pretty twisted and would say gross things to her daughters about lad's and sex. Looking back, she was really guilty of brainwashing. She would say things like, 'The only thing boys want you to do is rub their dicks, get their hands in your pants, feel your titties etc. Needless to say, this kind of conversation took it's toll.

One summer day it was really hot and I was out doing landscape work for their next door neighbor. We had had a bad storm the day before so I was picking up downed trees and things. The electricity was off and people were making frequent runs to the store for water and ice and food products as nothing could be kept cold and safe.

I happened to be doing some work in the backyard soon after I saw both the neighbor lady I was working for as well as the girl's mother head to the store together. I heard what I at first thought was crying and later determined to be moaning. I quietly dropped my rake and went to the back of the girl's home. I crept into a row of bushes by a retaining wall where I observed the girls had been in the swimming pool and had retired to the family room of the house where there was a pool table.

As I peered through the bushes into the exposed basement of their house I could see all four sisters had discarded their swim suits and put their beach towels on the corners of the pool table and were leaning over the corners of the table with their legs spread wide with one arm spread on each side of the pool table masturbating themselves as they sometimes looked at each others glistening bodies and sometimes had their eyes tightly closed.

All four girls were flushed and each responded differently to their own respective orgasms. I was also struck by the younger the sister, the larger their breasts and I remembered thinking, 'What is up with that?' All four girls had nice faces and bodies to die for and none of them, unlike their mum, were fat at all. I also noticed how tight the muscles were in their legs and arms as they pressed themselves into their respective corners of the pool table. Because of my angle to them, I could clearly make out three of their four bushes while the youngest sister, about 13, had her back to me.

After several minutes of this I was soaked and could not take any more. I sank down in the bushes and from my perch above them began to wank off with a fury as I feasted on the best eye candy a man could ever hope for. I soon got so carried away I shot a rope of my jism over the edge of the retaining wall onto their patio.

This was the first time I had ever seen a girl naked, not to mention four of them at the same time. This was also the first time I masturbated and came twice in quick succession.

Later that afternoon when things were back to normal and I was back to work I heard one of the girls find my cum and yell at her sisters, 'Which one of you idiots blew your nose out here on the patio?' I bit my tongue as I laughed so hard.



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