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Funny What I Found Out !

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This is embarrassing for me to admit and only one of my girlfriends knows a little bit about it. It has been going on now for almost three years and yet I continue to let it happen.


I was 23 at the time and moved into an aparment in Central Philadelphia. For months I continually got fliers in my mailbox from a female who would come to your location for a professional massage. She also did bikini waxing and hair removal. The add was obviously for female customers. My job is rather strenuous at times and one week I had exceptional back and shoulder pain. I got another flier which I always threw away but this time called the number to get a massage appointment. My boyfriend would give me a massage sometimes but I never had one done by a professional.

The first visit I had was fantastic. Her name is Sally and she is a young, short woman, in her early or mid 30's. Very attractive and built well although is fairly flat chested. She brought in a professional table and gave me the best massage I ever had. She even supplied a towel type cover with snaps for me to put on. I felt very comfortable with her and she always asked if I wanted her to massage certain areas of my body which were usually under the towel. Never touching me without my approval. I started having her come once or twice a month and little by little let her massage my buttocks and inner thighs. Each time I was more exposed but after about six or seven months of it I was not the least bit embarrassed. When summertime came I also allowed and payed her for a bikini wax which she has since repeated often. She eventually persuaded me to allow her to give me a full body massage. She always used a warm oil and the first time she did my entire body was slightly embarrassing since I was completely naked on the table. She massaged every inch of my body including my breasts, vagina, buttocks and even my feet. Any inhibitions I might have had before were gone and it was so relaxing I even felt myself becoming aroused by it at times. Several times I actually orgasmed hoping she wouldn't notice that I did. Well she did notice a few times and told me it was normal and happened to a lot of people. I am not bi-sexual at all but the way she massaged me, especially on my lower body, always seemed to get me aroused. I sometimes had her come as many as four times a month even though it was rather expensive.

After the first year she had massaged me more than 35 or 40 times. I really couldn't afford her to come so often but I looked forward to it so much. When I mentioned my financial problems to her she cut the price down quite a bit since I was a frequent costomer. She continues coming at least two or three times a month always on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings. As time went on I realized I not only became aroused but had an orgasm each time. She would lift and spread my legs in such a way that buy the time she massaged them down to my vagina it was like she was masturbating me. She constantly told me to relax and I began having multible orgasms. She would just smile at me and tell me it was OK. I finally asked her if she was a lesbian but she completely denied it and even told me stories about her husband. Each time she came I began to like her stimulating me. Also each time she started to penetrate my vagina and I never objected or told her to stop. She even began shaving my pubic hair but always asked me first. She told me she did it to a lot of her customers. It felt good when she did so I allowed her to shave me whenever she asked about it. It also aroused me when she did but I never told her that. Its been a long time now that she began to insert her fingers in me and blatantly masturbate me. She rubs the oil all over my vagina and up the crack of my behind. She often has my ankles on her shoulders with my knees bent up as she rubs around and on my anus. For some reason I just let her do it and admit I enjoy it every time. I even began moaning loudly at times which embarrassed me at first but she just told me to relax and not worry about it.

Now the funny but humiliating part which I continue to let happen. One Wednesday evening my friend Heather stopped by just as Sally was leaving. I said goodbye to Sally and when I closed the door Heather just turned and asked if she gave me a massage. When I told her yes she burst out laughing and told me Sally is a man. I totally didn't believe her and she told me she found out about it from a girl she works with. She even called the girl and put me on the phone with her and the girl even told me he lived in New Jersey. I still didn't want to believe her but the more we talked the more she convinced me that Sally really was a guy named Stephen R--s. the girl she worked with even told me he played in a band in Jersey night clubs. She found out where his band was and one weekend Heather and I went to the bar there. It was hard to tell at first but sure enough he was the drummer in the band. The more I looked at him the more I realized he actually was Sally. At one point he looked at me several times but I acted like I didn't recognize him. Its amazing how good he looks as a woman and how convincing he is about it. I later found out he is married and has two kids. It bothered me for several days and I can't explain how I felt about it. I never told Heather how long he has been doing this to me or the extent it has reached. I just told her he gave me a massage a few times but never told her how many times he saw me naked or masturbated me. A few weeks went by and I didn't call her/him for an appointment.

One night the phone rang and it was Sally asking if I wanted an appointment. I was going to tell him I knew about his deception but realized how much I liked it and just let her/him talk. The most humiliating thing for me is to admit I continue having him come twice a month even though I know all about him. He still pretends to be Sally and I continue to let him think I know nothing about him. I make sure Heather doesn't find out since she doesn't know what he actually does to me. My boyfriend even met Sally/Steven twice over the last two years and never suspected it was a guy either. He even mentioned one time that she was cute. I can't tell anyone about this and just hope nobody ever finds out. I do have great sex with my boyfriend but have to admit that as kinky as it may sound, I truly enjoy my massages. As much as I know about Sally/Steven I'm not sure what I think about when he is here. I just let him do whatever he wants and he is always gentle.

I now know that some of the positions he puts me in are only to expose me more for his benefit. Positions that would normally be extremely humiliating. If I knew in the beginning he was a guy I am sure I would have never let it get this far. I have no idea how many other women he has done this to but have asked him time to time about it. I don't know how truthful he is about it but has told me he has massaged many and that he has 15 regular customers. I even asked him how many other women have an orgasm or are at least aroused by it. He told me that most women are aroused but only five or six including me actually climax. Even when he talks I can't tell if he is really a man. If I didn't see him that night at the bar I never would have believed it. I guess I let myself believe he is a girl when he comes but by now it really doesn't matter. I am completely comfortable being naked in front of him now and enjoy every minute of it.



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