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Fun With Wife 2

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It was early Saturday morning. I woke up with my wife snuggling her naked body up to me, her hands fondling my hard on. 'Good morning' she said sweetly. I kissed her, then rolled over and began fondling and hugging her back! I was fingering her pussy, getting it good and wet, when she began moaning.
'Would you like me to use your vibrator on you?' I asked. In reply she whipped it out of her drawer and handed it to me, a huge smile on her face. I slid down the bed, between her legs and started rubbing the pink vibrator over her clit and cunt lips. Reaching down she spread her pussy wide and said 'ummm slide it in!'
While pumping the plastic prick in and out I leaned forward and began licking her clitty. Her moans became louder as she came once, twice, then a third time before she asked for a break. 'How about something bigger?' I asked.
Breathing heavy she said 'You mean... big pinky?'
'Yeah!' I grinned.
A big smile spread across her face. 'Get it. Oh yes please get it.' Big pinky was her long, rubber dildo. It was jello-like and pink in color, about an inch and a half in diameter and twelve inches long. She couldn't take the whole thing inside, but loved the thickness of it.
I fished it out of it's hiding place in the closet, and took it into the bathroom to wash it off. When I returned she was holding the vibrator against her clit. I slid big pinky in very slowly, so as to tantalize her. She took it deep too, deeper than she ever had before. I took the vibrator out of her hand, and was buzzing her clit while at the same time masturbating her with the big pink dildo.
'Oh fuck!' she moaned. 'Fuck me with that fake cock.' I increased the pace, and saw her grab a pillow and hold it over face. Her muffled screams came out from behind the pillow as her hips came off the bed. I held the dildo deep inside as she orgasmed. After she fell back on the bed and collapsed I sloooooowly slid it out.
When my wife gets horny, her pussy leaks a creamy white fluid, and a lot of it. When she cums, she'll either squirt it out or the cream will literally flow from her twat. This time was especially delightful. When I pulled out the dildo a thick stream of white cream came rolling out of her. I dove in, and my tongue lapped it all up. She squealed, then her hips clamped around my skull as she had yet another cum.
Pulling my head back, she said 'Just big pinky now, no vibe.' I set the vibrator aside, and began to fuck my wife again, masturbating her with this fake cock. It took a little longer than the first time, but once again her hips came off the bed as she had another body quivering cum.
As she was breathing very heavy, I thought she might need a break, and she agreed. We laid there a few minutes, my face nuzzling her hairy twat. She was idly rubbing her fingers through my hair. After a few minutes she asked 'What about you? You ready to cum yet?'
'Oh yeah! I've been rubbing my cock against the bed while I've been doing you. I could even cum like that, damn near did once.'
'Oh no! I want your cum in ME big boy!'
'OK, what do you want?' I was thinking she wanted doggie style (her favorite) but she surprised me.
'Rub it until your juuuust about to cum, then shove it in me at the last second. That way I can feel it really good.' I moved up between her legs, and got on my knees. I began stroking myself while she watched. I admit I was very turned on, so it didn't take more than a two minutes before I was ready to shoot.
Without warning, I just leaned forward and rammed my cock right inside her sopping wet cunt. I gave just three or four good, hard pumps then began filling her pussy with my cum. She gasped when I entered her, then got the biggest smile. 'Oh yes baby yes OH I can feel your cum, your beautiful juices filling me up! Ummmm fill me up with your love juice.'
We held each other for a minute before I rolled off beside her. We laid there snuggling while my breathing slowed. When I had returned to normal, she reached over and grabbed her vibrator. Handing it to me she said 'May I have another please sir?'
I smiled, and turned it on full blast. Rather than moving back down I just scooted up so, lying on my side, my front was against her side. While kissing back and forth from her face to her big tits I slammed the pink vibrator in and out of her cum soaked cunt. It was an odd feeling, as my spunk was flowing out of her and in no time both the vibrator and my hand were coated in both her cum and mine. I kept going, and soon felt that quiver in her thigh that said she was about to orgasm.
I slammed the vibrator hard and deep inside her, holding my hand tight against her pussy. At the same time I leaned down and took her erect nipple in my mouth sucking hard. Her body began to shake and her back arched as her most powerful cum of the morning ripped through her sexy flesh. She screamed out and held me close to her as her cum squirted out of her.
She collapsed back on the bed, breathing heavy. I slid the vibrator out and laid it on the wet bed, turning it off first. Else where in the house I heard the TV, and realized the kids were up. 'I guess we'd better get up.' I said.
'Uh huh.' Her chest still rose rapidly, catching her breath. 'Just let me lie here a minute.' I got up, taking the vibrator and dildo with me into the bathroom to get cleaned up (along with my own real cock). When I returned, there she was, at it again. She had picked up her massager, and was holding it to her clit. I stood there in astonishment.
'Damn, you are a horny little slut this morning.'
'Oh yeah, I just feel so fucking good! I just have to have one more! Watch me! Watch your wife cum again!' She groaned. 'I want to masturbate for you!' I stood at the foot of the bed, watching her masturbate. One hand was wrapped around a d-cup tit, tweaking her nipple, while the other moved the massager on her wet clit. Her legs were spread wide, giving me a good show.
Her lips were moving, but no sound was coming out. Her eyes were closed, a look of intense concentration and pleasure on her face. She laid like that for about two minutes, while my cock slowly started to come back to life. With a squeal her legs clamped together and pushed her ass clear off the bed. Her ample flesh jiggled with pleasure, while I watched with delight.
Usually she just lies there after a cum, but again my wife surprised me. As soon as her cum was over she literally jumped out of the bed and grabbed me, kissing me deeply. 'Shit what a mess. Look at me!' Spreading her legs, I could see her thighs smeared with our cum. Her pussy hair was soaked, matted against her crotch. I grabbed a handful of pussy and kissed her again, before she broke off and ran to the shower.
Damn, what a way to start the day!



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