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Fun With Tom

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It was the summer and as usual I was spending a lot of time over my friend Luke's house. We were both 15 at the time and always horny as Hell. Luke had a younger brother called Tom who was 13 at the time and breaking into that teenage lust zone.

One day Luke had to go out with his parents for a doctor's appointment, and so I was left at their house in charge of Tom. I immediately suggested we go out to the garden and play some football. He readily agreed.

After a good half an hour of running all over the place, we were exhausted and sweating like crazy, so I said we should go inside to cool off. We walked back inside the house and Tom began taking his clothes off. For some reason this started to turn me on and I could feel myself hardening. I didn't want to let Tom see this so I quickly ran upstairs to Luke's bedroom where I had my sleeping bag and spare clothes. I stripped off to my underpants and started to rub my cock through the material.

I'd been masturbating for a good few years now and knew I'd need to shoot one out or I'd be bugged by this hard on for ages. Just as I was about to pull down my shorts and get going, Tom walked into the room!

He was just wearing his shorts too and asked me what I was doing. I turned to him and I could see him notice my hard cock throbbing inside my shorts. I told him I was going to have a shower and slowly took my shorts off as my dick sprang out all hot and heavy.

Tom looked enviously at my penis and before I knew what was happening he'd moved over to me and with his body so close I just had to touch myself. I could now see his own boner appearing rapidly from inside his shorts.

'Does it feel good?' he asked as I slowly rubbed my hand up and down my cock, squeezing my foreskin over the head and back again. 'It feels really good, let me show you.' I replied.

I then got on to my knees and pulled his shorts down exposing his hard cock which was bouncing up and down in excitement. I quickly put my hand around his shaft and began massaging it gently, slowly adding more pressure. I could see Tom's face above me smiling the biggest smile I'd ever seen as I got him closer and closer to orgasm.

Finally as I pulled on his cock for nearly the last time I felt it shudder beneath my hand and then it erupted with two bursts of semen. The first landed on my chest while the second poured down my hand as I finished Tom off and he collapsed to the bed.

'Oh my God, that was fantastic' he said between gasps. I knew then that that was his first proper orgasm and this turned me on even more. Using his hot semen as lubricant I lathered up my now raging boner and standing over Tom with my right thigh in between his spread legs I started wanking furiously.

Tom was still smiling but he was now getting his breath back and I could see him getting excited as I jerked off above him. He began stroking my thighs, then cupping my balls as I neared climax. My breathing was getting harsh and Tom could see I was very close. He quickly moved his hand from my balls to my cock and continued to jerk me off with a great stroke that belied his youth and innocence. I kept holding back, determined that this orgasm was going to be huge!

Finally, I could wait no longer, my cock throbbed massively once, twice and then I exploded!! Three long lines of semen shot out of my dick, the first landed on the bed, the second draped itself over Tom's right arm and the third crossed his face. He was shocked, but still incredibly excited. I was knackered and dropped forward on to Tom. I wasn't sure how he'd take it, but I had to kiss him. Our lips met and he opened his mouth, I darted my tongue in and we kissed, his hand still wrapped around my leaking cock.

After a few minutes we got up and each went into the shower to clean up. Surprisingly neither of us were embarrassed by what had gone on, but I knew I was nervous as to what was to happen from now on. We soon heard Luke and his parents arriving back and just before they came in, my nerves were broken by Tom quickly embracing me, kissing me full on the lips and squeezing my cock through my jeans. This definitely wasn't the end of the story, not by a long shot............



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