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Fun With Sister and Friend Pt. 1

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100% true story that happened to me and my friend on a Saturday night.


First let me tell you about myself, my name is Drew, 17 years old, athletically built, and well 'well endowed'. My friend, Chris, 16, and a little smaller than me. The last day of school finally arrived and my parents were going away for the weekend. They told my sister and I we each could have one friend stay over the weekend instead of hiring a babysitter.

Now my little sister, Allie, was fourteen and hot as ever. She had 36B breasts(I searched her underwear drawer) brown hair, skinny, and the tightest but luscious butt ever. I have spent many nights jerking off to her. We haven't seen each other naked since we were little.

Back to the story, I was of course in charge so Allie was told to listen to me and our parents would call me every two hours. I called my friend Chris and told him the situation and he came right over. My sister called her friend Brittany, who is known as the freshmen slut who is 15. She came over with a backpack and a duffel bag. I was wondering why she needed so much baggage.

As my parents were leaving my dad asked me to help him pack the car. 'Drew keep a close eye on what Brittany and Allie do' said my father.

'Why?' I asked.

'Let's just say she knows some things better than your sister' my father said.

'ok. I'll keep an eye on them.'

My parents leave and my sister and Brittany head for the neighborhood pool. So Chris and I decide the easiest way to keep an eye on them is to use my web cam. The web cam is wireless and Allie's room is right next to mine, so we place it on top her dresser hidden in her stuffed animals.

We hear them come in and we run into my room. I set up the feed on my computer. We can see the whole room. I start up my X box and we start playing online. My sister runs by my door real fast yelling 'Dibs on the shower!!'

'Fine, don't waste all the hot water.' Brittany shouts in reply. 'Hey boys what you playing?' she asks as she is standing in the door way. I stutter but can't find the words because Brittany is standing with water trickling down her body. Her bikini top is about to burst because of her 36D breasts. As my eyes go lower I see she has a camel toe.

'Umm....ah Gears of War' Chris says with a voice crack(I think he is a late bloomer).

'Oh ok well have fun'. She says while blushing obviously she noticed we were checking her out. Then she turned around and shook her perfect ass then pranced away into my sister's room. I look at Chris then we grab seats and pull them up to the computer. I open the camera feed and there she is, Brittany naked on the bed.

She is sitting propped up by pillows and starts playing with her nipples. My cock starts to get hard and Chris is fully erect already trying to hide the tent in his pants. She starts to play with her pussy and rubs her clit. She then gets up and bends down with her ass towards the camera. There it is her pussy glistening in the light right between those luscious cheeks.

She pulls out a purple dildo(about 5 inches) and lube. Right then my cock gets so hard it feels like my jeans are going to burst. She runs it along her pussy lips and then shoves it in her almost to the point where I couldn't see it.

'I can't take it any more' says Chris who then stands up and unbuckles his pants, drops his boxers and starts to stroke his cock. I never seen his cock before and he looked like he was proud of his. So I stood up and released my monster from its cage. Chris stopped stroking took a quick look then went back to stroking. I must have embarrassed him with my monster, but back to business. I sat back down and started to stroke the pole between my legs.

Chris and I are stroking hard now to Brittany who is fucking herself so hard we can hear the moans through the wall. After five minutes she tenses up and orgasms. Right at that moment Chris loses the secret battle of who could last longer. He shoots one rope that lands on his left thigh. I continue to watch Brittany who's juices soak my sisters bedspread. She pulls the dildo out and takes it in her mouth and sucks down her own juices. That was the last straw and I blew my load. I shot four long ropes that landed on the desk and my thighs. Then I dribble for about ten seconds. When I come down from my orgasm Chris says 'Dude, look' pointing at the screen.

I see my sister walk in her room and catch Brittany. This is the end of part 1.



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