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Fun With Sister

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I just recently found this site and I want to share one of my memories from the past...Please enjoy


Every winter, my family used to go on a two week vacation to a lodge in the mountains of Virginia that we used to rent. But this time was different than all of the other times. It was the January of 1994. The way the lodge was set up was there was a living area with a tv, a kitchen, and a bathroom downstairs, and then upstairs there was three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Both my parents shared a room, my 15 year old brother got a room, and I had to share a room with my 17 year old sister. Thats how it worked every year.

She was five years older than me and was quite attractive. Since I was still going through puberty, she was my model of what I wanted to look like when I grew up. I already knew how to masturbate before this, but I had never did it with anyone else. I had also never seen another person naked because I was never really into porn. Throughout the first day we were skiing and doing other various things. When it was time for bed I fell asleep right away because I was so tired.The next night, we were all in our pajamas and watching tv in the living room. I was just wearing a t-shirt and pajama shots and my sister was wearing a tank top with pajama shorts. It has been a habit of mine to not wear underwear with pajamas but I don't know about my sister.

It was time for us to go to our rooms and get some sleep. I remember at first the beds were separated and a little night stand in the middle. I was laying in bed for a little bit debating on if I wanted to masturbate or not because I was still pretty tired. Then I remember glancing over to my sister and seeing her trying to get comfortable. I did not think anything of it until I kept seeing her look at me. I'm guessing she was checking to make sure I was asleep because the next thing she did looked like she pulled her pants down. Then I got the thought that it would be cool if she started to masturbate, but that would never happen.

But then she propped her knees up and then I got all excited. The covers went over her body and stopped about midway through her stomach and I could still see the shape of her boobs (which were clothed). I think she had about C cup size at the time but I'm not sure. I still had A cups.

There was a light outside so we were able to see pretty well at night. I saw her begin to move her hand in that general area, and I could not believe what I was seeing. I became extremely wet as she continued to rub herself. Every once and a while she would look over to me to make sure I was asleep. I laid on my side so I could see her but I kept absolutely still.

I saw her chest starting to rise faster and occasionally she would take in a deep breath that I would be able to hear. Eventually this happened more frequently and I could tell she was getting closer to an orgasm. Finally I saw her lift her head up and squirm a little bit. I could tell she was having an orgasm but she was not to loud.

She looked like she pulled her pants up and got up and went to the bathroom for about ten seconds and came back and went to sleep. I waited until she feel asleep and went to the bathroom and found some rolled up toilet paper that was moist in the trash can. By this point I was extremely wet and I pulled my pants down and fingered myself on the toilet. I was quick and finished within a minute. Then I acted like nothing happened and went back to bed.

During the day time we all went about are own business, but when we were in our rooms at night, it was the same routine for her every night. But one night during the second week I was very horny during the day and I thought I would have fun with her. It was late and we were getting ready for bed. I went into the bathroom first and brushed my teeth and all of the general hygiene routines. Then when I was almost finished, I was changing into my pajamas, and I 'accidentally' left my wet, creamed panties balled up in the corner of the bathroom. Then I walked out, she went in and I got in my bed. When she came out she acted like nothing happened, but I went back into the bathroom and they were in the dirty clothes basket. I don't know if she just put them in there or did something else, but I like to think that she was sniffing them.

When I'm at home I usually masturbate with a hair brush because that's what I found out how to masturbate with. I sort of smuggled it into my room and put it under my covers. But then later it slipped out or something and she saw it. She asked what it was for and of course I said nothing.

We turned out the lights and laid in bed. I thing she was watching for me to masturbate because she saw the hair brush. I was just going to go along with it and have fun with her. I pulled off my pants under the covers and propped my legs up. I wanted her to see me but I did not want to be too obvious.

I began to insert the hair brush in and out of my vagina. I continued to do this until eventually I had a really great orgasm that was hard to keep quiet through. When I was finished, I pretended to go to sleep. And of course, she began to masturbate, and I am pretty sure she was watching me. She was doing it for a while and I made a daring decision. I said to her 'You too?' and she was kind of shocked.

As well for me, I was nervous because I did not know what to do from that point. I sat up and looked at her. She replied with 'why not'. She told me that she saw me doing it earlier that night.

Still I was afraid because I did not know if she would be mad or something dumb. But then she said something that surprised me. She asked if we wanted to do it together. I asked her if that would be weird and she was like no. So I agreed. This is sort of what I wanted to happen but I was still scared and nervous.

She told me to lock the door and turn on the small night light. So I did and then she told me to help pull back the covers and then we got on. We each pulled of our top, and then our bottom. I was amazed at how her body looked. She had nice sized boobs and a nice figure. She told me that she was going to finger me and then I was going to finger her back. I agreed and she stuck two of her fingers in my vagina.

It felt really great and different than ever before. She fingered me and I grew more wet by the second. After about two minuted I had another orgasm. I was squirming and she was giggling.

Then she looked at me and said it was my turn. So I stuck my finger into her soaked pussy. She was not shaved but she did not have to much hair. I also had some but not a lot.

I could not actually believe I was fingering another girl. She was having a lot of fun and she had a nice, powerful, wet orgasm. I would say she squirted but It was only a few drops. She was laughing and I was just sitting there amazed. We cleaned up and the last two or three nights we were there we did the same thing.

Over the next year we occasionally did this at our house and the last time she was ever at the lodge with us again was the following January before she moved out.

I enjoyed this, and I am or never was a lesbian it was just a fun thing to do. When I was 18 and my sister was 24 she came back to visit and that was our last time ever doing it together. But it's hard to believe that all of this happened 16 years ago. Time flies.

And I'm sure my brother was beating off at one point or another.



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