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Fun With Sister

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My sister and I had fun in our teen years!


Growing up with a sister had its disadvantages in some ways, but there was big plus side of it for me! When I was around 14 and she 13, we played 'dare' games. She was my sister and I wasn't turned on by her, but becoming aware of female anatomy I wanted to see more of her body. I suppose she was curious about mine too. I still remember the day we played that game and I dared her to show me her boobs, and she did. For a 13 year old they looked pretty nice! She dared me to show her my 'ding dong' as she used to call it. So having fun playing the game I dropped my shorts and underpants. She was amazed at my already fairly thick pubic hair. I think she made more comments about that than she did about my dick! I was soft, not hard as she looked at me.

Playing the game again probably months later I dared her to show me her pussy. She got shy and didn't want to, but she finally said she would if she could see my dick again. I agreed and dropped my pants, and she shyly pulled her pants and underwear down. It was my turn to be surprised! My 13 year old sister, or maybe she had turned 14, had a nice patch of brown pubic hair too!

Mom and Dad were both at work, so we allowed some time for each other to look and explore. As I looked at her pussy, being the first one I had ever seen except for in pictures, and even though she was my sister, my dick got hard. She LOOKED at it saying 'wow' and 'its so much bigger and standing up!' She begged me to let her feel it so I did. To this day I still get a hardon when I think of that moment my sister took my dick in her hand and felt me. She played with it for a while then I told her I weanted to see her 'in between.' She knew what I meant and she laid down on the floor and spread her legs apart. I looked closely at her pussy for 15 minutes. Then game over, we put our pants back on.

We both liked what we did. We both said 'that was fun!' when we got dressed. We continued to do this for about another year when we had time alone. Then came the day I'll never forget when I was about 16 and she was 15. By this time I was a dedicated masturbator every chance I got! One day she asked me if we could 'look at' each other again. By this time I was really enjoying getting hard in front of my sister and I loved looking at her pussy, but I had never jacked off in front of her. As we were both naked looking at each other she came right out and said 'do you ever jack off?' I said that sure I did sometimes. She asked me if it felt good, and I said it felt 'great!' Then she asked me if she could watch me jack off. I remember being so darn hard. As she watched I showed her how I did it and I looked at her pussy as I jacked myself. She was all eyes as she watched me. Finally I came spewing cum all over the floor. She said 'Cool!'

In the weeks and months and couple years after that we masturbated constantly together. She got into it and masturbated for me and it was wonderful. It was kind of like every time our parents went somewhere together and left us there we just had a certain look we'd give each other and our clothes would come right off.

Eventually with the onset of girlfriends and boyfriends we stopped doing this. We never really talked about it after those fun days ended either. Today my sister and I are like best friends and we love each other to death, and we still haven't ever talked about those good days.

For me, this was definitely the upside of having a sister instead of a brother!



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