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Fun With Sarah

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I love the stories from girls, ladies you are awesome keep it cumming.


First off. I'm a 19 year old guy. I'm about 5'10', 160 lbs., in good shape. I love my cock. It's about six inches but very thick.

A couple of weeks ago I was hanging out in this girl's dorm room. I'll call her Sarah. She is 5'8' about 120 lbs. She has long dark hair and really wide sexy hips. It was gettting late and we were lying in bed together with the lights off just talking. Soon though she gave me a nice long back rub. I have a tattoo below my neck that was driving her nuts. I'm only wearing boxers but she has on a tank top and pyjama pants.

After a while she stops and rolls onto her back. I roll onto her and start kissing her. Not real heavy but soon I take off her tank top and start kissing her soft, beautiful breasts. They are so round and sensitive. I tease her by leaving the nipples for last. Her tits are a nice full B cup which works great for sucking. She moans softly as I work my tounge over each aching nipple. They stand at attention for me like two little bullets.

It becomes more intense as I grab her left tit with my right hand, cupping it up so I can really suck it into my mouth. She is begging for it now, she pushes her chest out arching her back, shoving her tasty nipple in between my lips. By now she is also bringing her crotch up and grinding it against my body.

She doesn't cum from the nipple play, but it wears her out. We take a small break and I roll back onto my back. After a couple of minutes she climbs on top of me. Her shirt is still off and her perfect tits are unbelievable in the dim light. Her long dark hair is amazing flowing behind her. She bends down to kiss me. Her lips are wet and delicate. As she slides her tongue in my mouth I feel her hand reach inside my boxers.

Now I've had a hard on off and on since the fun began, but now it was at full strength. She slowly made her way down to my chest and gave my nipples some attention. It doesn't do a lot for me, but the way she looked with her rosy round tits and her sweet lips on my skin was like pure heaven.

She sat back up pushing her chest out and looked down at me with her sweet brown eyes. Her right hand was still slowly cuddling my very thick, very hard dick. She pulled it out of the boxers and looked down at it. I love women who can admire my penis. She reaches for the lube, pours out just a little and rubs it all around my head. Her hand feels so warm, but the lube is a little cold and the feeling sent a chill through me. I thought I was going to blow my load all over the place. But she kept a slow pace to start.

Also I had recently shaved the hairs off my shaft, not above it but I have a lot of pubes and a smooth long shaft with soft silky skin covering a raging hard on feels really good.

So I'm in a world of pleasure as her slender girlie hand moves up and down on my fat throbbing cock. She starts picking up the pace making a squishy sound. She works her tiny hand all the way up and down my shaft. Then she pumps quicker and faster, harder and harder. Suddenly my body starts shaking a little, unlike ever before. Finally I tense up. She can feel the pressure building as my rock hard cock thickens even more. She whispers the sexiest thing in my ear, 'Let me see that big fat dick shoot hot cum all over the place.'

Well that was it. A huge stream of thick white cum shot out of my dick like a rocket. The first hit me in the throat, the others landed on my chest. She slowly milked the rest out with her tiny hand. I told her to go get some tissues so it wouldn't get on the sheets. But she said too late. I hadn't even noticed how much there was because some had got on the sheets. She surprised me again when she started to lick up the cum. I didn't even mind that she kissed me with some still in her mouth, it wasn't much though.

But it wasn't over. She was now ready for some attention. She laid down next to me and starting grinding against me. As soon as I moved over to be between her legs she was taking off her pyjama pants and her black panties. At first I just leaned forward and kissed her while rubbing my fingers lightly on her mound. But she didn't need any more teasing. Her tight little pussy was already wet. She doesn't shave and I like that, she just trims real short, so her tiny black pubes were fast getting soaked by her juices.

She doesn't get off real well by her clit like I think most girls do. Instead she likes to be penetrated. I felt all around her soft pussy lips and made sure my fingers were nice and wet. They were and she was pleading with me to stick them in. I kept her waiting a couple more minutes while I was sucking and licking her beautiful round breasts.

Then the wait was over. I went into her tight, soaking pussy with two fingers, we haven't had sex and she is very tight so two does the trick great. Now when I finger fuck a girl I want to enjoy the experience and explore. I go up, down, side to side, I wiggle them, I ram them forward some and generally feel around. I also like to not go as deep as I can at first, just in and out but never in all the way, at least not at first. As I see her body arch back, her face turn red, her muscles tense, as I hear her moan and see her bite her lip I move my fingers accordingly. Playing with a sweet woman's pussy is like playing a fine instrument. You have to pay attention to what you are doing and every small detail counts.

So I watch her body flow as I begin ramming my fingers deeper and deeper into her pussy. Pretty soon she start commanding me to go deeper. I'm not thrusting my fingers into her with all my might, I can even smell the sweat coming from our naked bodies. She throws her head back, humps my hand like their is no tomorrow and I feel her pussy tighten around my fingers, she doesn't even make a loud noise, it is more like she opens her mouth but can't make a sound and finally she lets out a huge moan, archs her back real wide and then collapses.

I slowly remove my fingers and for ten minutes at least as she lays back and cools off I lightly pet her sweet little vagina. It looks so gorgeous in the moonlight coming into the window. I even feel a mole just on the left lower side of her lips. I'll never forget that image or that night.

Again I encourage all you ladies to keep sending in stories. My thick cock thanks all of you.



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