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Fun With Nurse

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Hello, I am 18 Male and my story is kind of a bizarre one. When I had just turned 13 I had some kidney problems and was admitted to Children's Hospital for observation. I was in the middle of puberty and was still at the point where my erections where un-controllable. Well while I was still in the ER waiting to be admitted they said that I needed a Foley catheter inserted in my bladder to monitor my kidneys. I had no idea what that was but agreed. They asked my mother to leave the room and explained that they would insert a tube down my pee-hole and I wouldn't need to use the restroom since it would do it for me. Now let me back up a little bit, the nurse that was going to do this procedure was phenomenal she was a middle aged women that had a KILLER body. Well she lowered my bed and was explaining everything she was doing and by the time she had a hold of my under developed penis and was telling me that she was just cleaning me off, I started to get a erection. I was so embarrassed but she continued normally and said nothing. after she was finished the erection refused to go down. She just pulled back up the covers and left. After that my mother came back in and I was trying desperately to hide it(I don't think I did a good job). Well after I was transferred to a room my nurse came in to introduce her self and stated that she was just out of school and was still learning. Again she was about 24 and could have been a model. Well every time she came in she did the normal nursing things, blood pressure etc. But she also had to check my catheter and every time she would even begin to pull down the sheet I would get a raging erection. But she never said anything just smiling every once in a while. I should also say that I was in a private room. Well one nite I was watching something on TV that made my erection come back and had not masturbated in 3 days ! I was a little scared to do it with the tube in me but I proceeded to anyway. Well while I was just about to come the nite nurse came in ! Now she was not as hot as the 1st nurse but at this point anybody would have turned me on. She was startled but began to lecture me about it telling me that I shouldn't do that with the catheter in and she said if I must then she would have to take it out temporarily. Anyway she came back about 5 minutes later and removed the catheter from my penis which was STILL very erect. She also gave me some gloves and KY jelly and said it would make it easier she then left. After about 15 minutes she came and knocked on my door and asked if I was finished then walked in. At this point I hadn't come because I just suddenly lost interest. Well she came back in with a new catheter tray and started to grasp my penis. Once again my erection came back. She said 'I guess you didn't get enough relief before.' With that she said 'just close your eyes and we'll take care of that right now' She then squirted some Ky on my penis and started to stroke me, it took me a whole 15 seconds to come and I ejaculated for the 1st time ! She continued with the catheterization. She smiled and left .... Later on the next morning right before she was left. She came back to my room and told me that I mustn't ever tell anybody about what she did too me last nite because she would loose her job. I agreed and then she continued to say she was just about done for the nite and asked if I would like to help her out with something. I not knowing what she was talking about agreed. So she went and locked the door pulled the curtain and then removed my sheet, Once again I was hard as a rock. She then proceeded to remove her scrubs bottom and told me to sit up and move my legs so she could sit on my bed. She sat on my bed Indian style in just her white cotton panties. She handed me a pair of gloves and told me that she needed to come really bad and couldn't wait anymore. I could already see a wet spot in her panties. Well this was the 1st time I had ever seen a girl naked so I was a little overwhelmed. She just told me to relax and took my hand, and moved her panties to the side of her vulva (she was completely bald !) and showed me where her clitoris was and told me to rub up and down her lips. well after about 5 minutes of doing that she begin to mone a little and started to stroke my penis again. Well I came very fast but she still hadn't. So after I was done she said 'lets try something else' and put my bed down, had me lay down and proceeded to squat over my face. She asked me to lick her there so I did. She tasted like urine a little but I didn't mind. After about 3 minutes she started to stiffen up and shake as she came. My face was covered with her secretions. she then got down off the bed and took off her panties and handed them too me, she said they were for later when I was 'Board' Well she jacked me off (With the catheter IN!) 2 more times that week. But I never got to return the favor to her again. Ever since then I have always been into 'playing doctor :)'



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