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Fun With My Cousin- Part 1

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When I was 11 years old, I discovered masturbation for the first time and instantly became an avid masturbator. How I discovered it is a whole other story, though. These stories are about me and my cousin, and how we learned more about each other over the past few years *winkwink* :)


When I was 14, my mother, Aunt, cousins, and I took a trip to our family's Thanksgiving celebration in another state. My cousin and I, being very close in age and interests, were grouped together much of the time when the family went out and such. We had always been good pals, being the same age and our mothers being very close, so naturally we felt comfortable talking about almost anything. I remembered my mother telling me that "Joe," as I'll call him, had been caught by his little sister looking at porn tapes and 'playing with himself.' So of course my interest was piqued, and I decided to tease him a bit about it. When I said it, he just blushed and said, "Well you do it too. I overheard Mom say that your mother caught you touching yourself in the bath a few times." Taken aback at being so upstaged, I didn't know what to say, and I dropped the topic. All I remember over the next few days is him detailing some of the porn he had watched, and stuff like that. But then the real fun began. On the way home from our trip, we were forced to stay in a hotel overnight due to bad weather. My mom and Aunt shared a bed, I was to share a bed with my young cousin, and Joe was to take the small bench that lay across the room from my bed. However, I soon found out that my littlest cousin kicked in her sleep, so I settled down on the floor next to the bench Joe was lying on. Neither of us was comfortable enough to sleep, so we began chatting. And of course, the topic of mastubation came up. We talked of techniques and experiences, boring really, and both of us were likely exaggerating. It was then that I noticed his erection poking up through his boxers into the thin white sheet he was resting under. Giggling, I yanked the sheet off and was face to face with my cousin's cock.
Embarassed, he yanked the cover back and tried to cover himself, but I kept grabbing the sheet back and laughing hysterically. Through all this, our mothers continued to sleep, as well! He jumped up and walked into the bathroom, shoving me out of the way as he did so. I pushed my way through the door past him, despite his efforts to keep me out, and said "Whatcha doin'?"
"Trying to get rid of this," he replied, gesturing towards his throbbing erection. Knowing what he meant from the look on his face, I said "Can I watch?"
Joe was reluctant at first, but eventually he relented and allowed me to stay in the bathroom while he jacked off. I watched him pump his cock (which must have been at least 5.5-6 inches, and very thick) quickly with one hand as he fondled his balls with the other hand. I was fascinated and felt my own pussy begin to throb uncontrollably. By the time he came I was ready for some serious masturbating myself, and of course being a brazen and straightforward person I told him so. Well give some, get some, that's what they say; and after a little convincing I settled down on the bathroom floor, pulled off my pajama pants, and started rubbing my already wet pussy. As I fingered my clit and my sticky little hole I could see Joe's erection rising again. Embarassed, I closed my eyes and continued to rub myself. That's when I felt something else slip down between my opened thighs. I jumped up and opened my eyes and saw Joe's head and hands traveling towards my cunt. "What are you doing?" I asked. "I'm going to eat you." he replied. Stunned, and too excited to do much of anything, I waited for him to begin. When his tounge touched my pussy, I felt almost an electric shock go through my groin and up to my head. My hips bucked as he sucked my clit and fingered me with one hand. Looking down and around a bit, I could see that his other hand was in his boxers. This made me even more horny and I came instantaneously, dripping my juices down his chin.
We have had some more experiences, but this was the first and most memorable so far. I'll detail the other ones in a future message, I suppose.



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