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Fun With My Big Sister

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I love reading the stories on Solo Touch about siblings masturbating together. My sister Sarah and I had a great time doing it and I hope you like our story.


My sister and I are only 18 months apart and we were always close. Our parents both had corporate jobs. They worked and traveled a lot. I won't say they were bad parents, they just weren't around much. As long as we got decent grades and there were no calls from the school, they pretty much left us alone. They were both highly sexual, walked around the house almost naked, and fucked loudly and often. We used to lie on the floor in my sister's room laughing as their bed banged against wall.

When the parents were out we often played games that we invented ourselves. One of our favorites involved putting on each others clothes. We would then pretend we were lovers and 'make out.' It always ended with us on the floor. Sarah would straddle me and grind herself on my crotch. She'd get this dreamy look on her face and I know now that she was having an orgasm. Wearing my sister's clothes seemed a little odd, but who was I to complain? While my friends were out doing the circle jerk in the woods, big sister was jacking me off and I was coming on her tits. We never fucked and I don't think either of us really wanted to. This was our private brother-sister thing and we both enjoyed it.

Over time we got really good at mutual masturbation. Her cunt was incredibly juicy and she used the lube from her snatch for hand jobs. We both smelled like pussy big time after these sessions, but the parents never noticed or just didn't care. There for a while in high school we did a session just about every day after school. Things slowed down when we got more involved with sports and dating, but we never totally stopped until she left for college. It was harmless fun. Why should we stop?

The last time we messed around was some years ago when we were both in college. She had just broken up with her boyfriend and asked if she could come to visit. My school was only about two hours away and she came that Friday night. We ordered out for some pizza and just talked about the old times. After a while, she asked if we could play dress up again just for 'old time's sake.' Why not? We hadn't done it in several years and I already had a hard on from her talking about the stuff we used to do. She put on my underwear, pants and shirt just like before, but she had me put on a set of sexy lingerie including stretch lace bra, thong, stockings, garter belt and spandex skirt. The bra was pretty tight and I looked strange in the fishnets, but it made me hot as hell to get into her underwear like the old days.

She had me get on my hands and knees on the bed and got behind me. She cupped my balls with one hand while she reached around with the other to jerk me off. Even before she started running her hand up and down my shaft, I was leaking pre-cum. When she fingered me from behind I blew a huge load. After I was done, she licked the come off her hand.

When it was her turn, I had her lie on the bed with her knees up and I rubbed her G spot with my finger while I massaged her clit with my thumb. When she really got going I let her jill her pussy and clit while I sucked on her tits. Her nipples had grown larger and thicker since the last time we'd played around, and I sucked them good and hard. When she came, her hips bucked up off the bed and she squirted. I had never seen this before and it was awesome watching her pussy pulsing and gushing. We had another masturbation session the next night.

She left that Sunday and we haven't done anything like this since. Sarah got her masters degree in the spring and moved to England for a job with Dad's company. We laugh about it sometimes on the phone, but I've got kids now and she still lives overseas. Not that I'm opposed to it. I don't think she is either. We just haven't had a lot of opportunity. But every once at a while at a family gathering when no one is looking she will stick her hands down my pants and give my cock a squeeze or lift up her skirt and show me her goodies.

I know some people would find the way we grew up to be strange and even unhealthy. I say this is nonsense. I love my sister and she loves me. She taught me most of what I know about pleasing a woman and I know she learned a lot from me. I've never had any emotional problems from all of those years of mutual masturbation. I've been married to the same woman for almost 15 years and we have a great relationship.

The only consequence that I can see is the incredible pleasure I get from watching women masturbate. I ask my wife to do it for me all the time and it turns her on when I watch. I've thought about asking my wife to do mutual thing with big Sis, but I'm not sure she would go for it. Maybe the next time Sarah is in the states I'll send the kids to my folks place and see if we can have another dress up - with or without the wife.



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