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Fun With My Aunt

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I have always adored my aunt. She is a great looking woman of 40 with dark brown hair and olive skin. Ever since I learned how to masturbate at about 12 I've been regularly beating off for years thinking about her. There were so many times growing up when I saw her in her swimming suit, or wearing shorts and a t-shirt with no bra. I'd go crazy wondering what she looked like without her clothes on.

Two years ago when she was 38 and I was 25 we both travelled to Orlando for a family member's wedding. My uncle couldn't make the trip because he had to work that weekend at a trade show for his business.

We checked into the hotel around three in the afternoon and we had the rest of the day to ourselves. The wedding wasn't until the next day. Of course, we had separate rooms. We each went to our rooms and changed into our swim suits and headed to the huge beautiful pool that had everything from waterfalls, to slides, and huge boulders in the water.

I found myself again secretely admiring my aunt's great body. She asked me to rub some suntan lotion on her back and I took my time massaging it into her skin and the backs of her legs. I found myself immediately getting turned on as I did this. She told me how good it felt and I told her I could do that all day long. She smiled in approval and I kept rubbing her back and the backs of her legs.

She was wearing a rather small bikini and I was going crazy! I finally laid down in the lounge chair beside her face down. My suit was really tenting up. I took my mind off of it and I gradually lost my hard-on. We both sunned our fronts and backs for a while and took a dip in the pool eventually to cool off.

As we took our lounge chairs again she sighed and told me how good that back rub had felt. I told her I would be happy to do it some more, but I suggested we go shower and I would just come over to her room and give her a really great massage. I'm sure she had no idea or expectation anything would happen with her nephew so she readily agreed.

After showering and putting on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt I went to her room and knocked. She opened the door with damp hair and she was wearing a t-shirt and very short shorts.

She laid down on the bed face down and I straddled her and began a slow luxurious massage. I was loving it as much as she was! Gradually, a little at a time I started sliding my hands up under her shirt massaging rather than massaging her through her shirt. Ever so gradually her shirt crept farther and farther up her back until I could see the sides of her breasts against the mattress. I had a terrific boner by then.

I then worked on her legs and made my way to her feet and massaged them. Finally, I said 'turn over and I'll work the fronts of your legs too.' She rolled over and she never adjusted her t-shirt. One breast was mostly covered but I could see her nipple on her other breast peeking out from under her t-shirt. I rubbed the fronts of her legs and feet again then I positioned myself abover her head and started slowly rubbing her pretty flat stomach down to just above her pubic area. I was careful not to rush right in to rubbing her breasts, afraid she would abruptly end the massage and send me packing.

As my hands rubbed down her stomach to just above her pubic area sometimes she would take a deep breath and slowly let it out. Her eyes stayed closed almost the whole time. I let the palm of my hand brush her breasts now and then very lightly, as if to be unintentional. I finally got up the nerve ... and as I ran my hands back up her stomach I let them linger a second on her breasts, then I worked my hands in a circle around her breasts. She kept her eyes closed and again sighed and slowly exhaled. She wasn't stopping me! Within another two minutes both of her breasts were fully exposed and I was gently massaging them, and running my fingers over her nipples. Then I ran my hands down her stomach again and went a little further and pressed down on her pubic mound and then ran my hands back up her body. She was in an absolute state of relaxation AND I could tell in a state of arousal. Before long I was actually rubbing her pussy right between her legs, around and around, then back up to her breasts.

I finally had to speak. 'Donna, you are unbelievably gorgeous. Your body is absolutely stunning.' I wanted so badly to lean over and start sucking her nipples right then and there. She told me my massage was making her feel VERY good. I told her that giving her the massage was making me feel VERY good too. She gave me a coy look and asked me if it was effecting me. It was no time to mince words. 'My dick is rock hard, Donna.' She rolled to her side and looked at me and saw I had a really big tent in my pants. I just put my hand right on it and squeezed it.

She smiled approvingly at me. I said 'how about you giving ME a massage now!' I took my shirt off and laid down on my back. The large shape was clearly there for her to see. She didn't waste any time at all. She laid her hand right on my dick and pressed down then rubbed up and down my length with her palm. She then surprised me. She pulled her t-shirt over her head and she was totally topless. I figured OK, it's my move, so I unsnapped my pants and pulled them off of me. She wasn't expecting that at all. My large extremely hard naked dick was right there for her. What happened next I'll never forget. She briefly stood and pulled her shorts off. We were both naked. Her pussy was covered with a short crop of trimmed hair and her lips parted ever so slightly exposing her beautiful clit. She climbed back onto the bed and on her hands and knees crawled up until she was hovering over me. She took her hand and started jacking my dick as I slipped two fingers inside her already wet pussy. I finger fucked her and rubbed her clit as she jacked my dick. Much of the time she had her eyes closed immersed in the extreme hot excitement of the moment. I told her I was cumming and she stroked me firmly and fast as I squirted loads of cum all over myself. 'Finger me hard and fast' she said. I did as I was told with two and sometimes three fingers as she placed a hand against her clit and furiously rubbed it. She finally moaned loudly and she had a HUGE orgasm.

When it was all over we laid there together and discussed what we had done, and she said it would never happen again, but that she had enjoyed it very much.

That was the one and only time we ever did that. We have seen each other many times since but it was never mentioned again. I will remember that day until I die. I jack myself off all the time as I lay on the bed remembering it.



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