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Fun With Mum's Toys

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When I was about 16 I discovered mum's collection of vibrators and one day at school I became very horny planning to test one out. My pussy ached and I squeezed my thighs as often as I could to try and relieve myself but it was no good. Having the house to myself until about six as soon as I got in I went to her room and got them out holding them up with my trembling hands and switching them on. I could feel my pussy twitch as I held the buzzing pretend penis and let it touch my breast, almost instantly my nipples hardened as I ran the cock shaped object over them but there was no way I was trying to get it inside me as it was huge.

There were a couple of other rubber ones and then I picked up a small steel egg shaped thing which had the most intense vibrations when I worked out how to switch it on. This had to be it I said to myself and putting the others away I went to my room. I didn't think it was right to touch my bare flesh with it so I stripped off to my bra and panties, lay down and began to run it over my body. I was so horny I was sweating with excitement, my nipples were rock hard and making sharp points in my bra and as I ran the egg over them I shuddered with pleasure, I let the egg rest against one then the other as I slipped a finger under my knicker elastic and began to work on my swollen throbbing clit. I had never felt my pussy so swollen, open or wet and I gasped as my finger dipped into my hole.

After a few moments I took the buzzing egg and ran it down my body which made me shiver and goose pimples rose all over me. My free hand went under my bra to finger my nipples and I traced the outline of my panties with the egg, teasing my aching pussy. First over my tummy and along the waist band a few times, then over to my hip and then following the line of the leg elastic I dipped it into my thigh, as it brushed the edge of my pussy I squirmed with pleasure, I didn't let it rest on my crotch this time but lifted it off and placing it back down when I reached the inside of my other thigh, then back up to the hip bone and across my tummy. By now my hips were thrusting upwards to try and reach the vibrator, I like wearing sheer silky panties under my tights to school and I could feel them so wet with my juice.

Finally I ran the egg down in a straight line from my belly button slowly over my mound and leaving the pointy bit resting right on my clitty and for the next few moments I writhed about in pleasure slowly rubbing the buzzing egg up and down my groove, I was so wet my panties had almost disappeared inside of me, the egg riding against my lips and my tight silky panty crotch vibrating against my clit as I spread my thighs wide apart, making circling and rocking movements with my hips as I slipped into exstacy. Then I couldn't control a huge wave of pleasure as it hit me sending me writhing with an orgasm that made my pussy throb and pulse, all I could do for about two minutes was push the buzzing egg as tight against my clit as I could and hold on. It was a full 5 minutes before I could sit up and another 10 before I could take a shower.

Several times after that day I took mum's egg and got off with it, sometimes if I didn't have much time I would change into jeans and a vest, put it on my bed and lie on it so it was resting against my pussy and grind down on it. The vibe was so strong I could still feel it through my jeans and I would jerk my puss onto it and the vibrating centre seam of my jeans making me come. Another favourite method was strip off to my panties and bra and straddle the arm of the sofa and place the egg under my crotch and slowly press down onto it, to cum I would squeeze my thighs a little and lean forward putting my clitty in contact with it, this method left both hands free to squeeze my titties. Then one day I had a bit of a surprise when I went to put some clean underwear on. As I opened my drawer there was something in the crotch of the top pair of my school panties, when I looked it was the vibrating egg, I flushed with embarrassment and later my mum said I should have asked but I could keep it, she went on to say she knew what I was up to judging by my wet creamy panty crotch and that she had also seen me grinding with it, finally she told me it was designed to go in my pussy, held in place with a pair of panties for fun during the day, so I did and that's another story-thanks mum.



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