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Fun with Marvin

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Marvin was a blond hunk who gave me the best handjobs of my life! All names changed, but this is a 100 percent true story.


I have to confess that what gets me hottest during sex is when guys go slow. What could be sexier than submitting to the total control of your partner, getting your orgasm delayed by his touch again and again, then finally getting your shuddering climax?

Marvin was a transplanted Minnesota farm boy in what, for him, was the "big city". I was from a big city, finishing up my graduate work, and to me, the town we were in wasn't big. I enjoyed it but it had a parochial quality; everyone pretty much knew everyone or moved in the same circles after a while.

I met Marvin at a twice-a-month all-male sex party held at a private house. The system at the house was that you would show up, ring the doorbell, come inside, and pay your fee. Upstairs in the house, food and drinks were served in the kitchen and a non-pornographic gay film would be on in the living room. Men would be in various states of dress or undress and everyone was pretty cool about it. In the upstairs part, there was a smoking room and a hot tub area, too. After you paid your fee, you handed your valuables to the host, who was the owner of the house. In my case, my valuables were my phone, wallet, glasses, keys, watch etc. The coat racks were by the hot tub area and I would usually hang up my coat after handing over my things.

Then I would head toward the back of the house, down a flight of stairs. Downstairs, a pornographic gay film would be playing on all screens. In the furnace room, there were folding chairs and empty grocery bags for the men to store their clothes and shoes. I would sit on a folding chair, take off my clothes, put them in a grocery bag, and sort of anchor the bag with my shoes. Once naked, if I was in the mood, I would exchange some banter with the other guys, give a kiss, tongue a nipple or lick a cock. There was a room with couches, towels and folding chairs, where you could watch the film and sort of informally jack it by yourself, jack it with other dudes, suck guys off or whatever you wanted. The jacking room led to a playroom with towels and mats and a sling. That was where the serious action took place-men of all ages, sizes, races, etc. Most would jack or suck. The playroom also had a bar where liquor and non-alcoholic drinks were served. Many more men were naked downstairs. There were towels for the more modest to wear, but I've never been modest and even in the best of circumstances, towels do not hang on me very well or for very long, so I went without one most of the time.

One night, I had just gotten over to the house. I was just trying to get my coat off in the upstairs part, near the hot tub area, and was having a little trouble with it, and that's when I noticed Marvin. He was about my age or a little older. He had dark blond hair, fine-textured and thinning a bit, light-brown eyes, high cheekbones and sharp features. Like me, he was furry all over his body and had a few extra-pounds on his otherwise toned frame, which gave him a teddy-bearish quality I just loved. But the real wonder was his equipment- a high, round, shapely butt, and a huge, eight-or-nine-inch uncircumcised dick protruding from his thick blond bush! His body was beautifully masculine- yet his mannerisms, his way of walking, and his speech were all feminine. The contrast interested me, aroused me, yet intrigued me, since I don't usually go for feminine-acting guys.

He noticed me struggling with my coat. "Oh please," he said, "isn't anyone going to help him?" But I was transfixed by the way he said the word "please"- his Minnesota accent and his sarcasm drawled it out to three syllables- "puh-lee-uhze." Finally, he himself walked over and helped me take my coat off.

Once he saw how hard I was, he accompanied me downstairs, where I took off the rest of my clothes and we went to a small red couch in the jacking room. In front of a full audience, he started to jack me off, and sucked a little too. He had this technique where he would stroke me really hard all up and down the shaft, but not the head of my dick or anywhere near the top. This built up an intense pressure in me, but every time I got close to cumming, he would totally STOP. This turned me on so much, and it also made my dick sore. Finally I was begging him for release-those hands, skillful soft hands he had! I was sweating, and swearing, and when he finally let me cum, I SCREAMED before I shot a huge load all over him, myself and the little red couch. I had never experienced anything like that.

We switched places and I went to work on him. My eyes watered as I strained to swallow the massive cock and felt a little bit of nervous fear; it was the biggest cock I'd ever sucked! But I liked the texture of his cock and feeling my nose in his blond curly pubes. When my mouth got tired I used my hand, making sure to go all up and down the shaft and alternate my technique, like he had done with me.

At last I watched his beautiful Scandinavian face contort with pleasure and the furry body ripple up and down as his massive cock shot an equally massive load. I wasn't into swallowing cum then-if I had been I'd have swallowed all of it! As it was, he wiped himself off with a towel, got up from the red couch, and took my hand as we walked out of the jacking room. "Well, now that that's finished," he half-sighed, half-gasped, "why don't we get acquainted?" We sat down on folding chairs in the open, well-lit area near the furnace room and the snack fridge. We introduced ourselves and gave each other our phone numbers.

That's how Marvin and I got to be friends. We had a relationship, and it was good while it lasted. He would fix me meals, shower with me, sleep in the same bed with me, make tea, brush my hair, clean our apartment spotlessly, watch movies and cuddle with me.. when we were walking across streets in the wintertime he always made sure I didn't slip. That was the first time a guy did these things for me. He liked to kiss and hold hands, though not as much as me, and I liked to do it unexpectedly to hear his squeal of delight. I liked when he gave me oral, but his technique with hand jobs was the best! It just could not be beat! Pun intended. We jacked and sucked everywhere- in his car, in his house, in my room, on my couch even, I had never done it on a couch. The frequency was a happy novelty to me as well, since I was more used to older guys who only wanted it once a week or thereabouts.

Ultimately it didn't work out-we were on different trajectories in our lives and we wanted different things. I was lonely in graduate school and wanted love and long-term companionship. He kept insisting we were only friends with benefits- he wasn't ready for long-term-anything because he had very little education and his job and housing situation was precarious. I understand now that we were very different people, but I wish it had worked! Deep down, we had a lot in common. I still can't help feeling in some piece of myself that Marvin belongs with me.



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