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Fun With Married Neighbor

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I live in Miami, FL. There is a couple living just up the street from me. He is 32 and she is 29. I have become quite close with her ... I'll call her Linda. Her husband, Bob, is kind of a jerk. He travels with his job often and that gives us time to chat in the yard, or when we are both out getting the mail, etc.

Recently, I was outside during the day and she came walking by while starting out on a walk. Her husband was on a business trip. We chatted for a while and I could tell she wasn't too happy with Bob. I asked if she wanted to come inside and talk and she accepted. She sat on the couch and told me how verbally abusive he was to her. She also said he hadn't 'touched' her in months.

I was sitting beside her and my heart was going out to her. I wanted to console her somehow. She was wearing shorts, because it is still in the 80's here in Miami. I laid my hand on her upper leg and kind of rubbed her leg saying how I hope all would work out. She said 'ummm that feels good. Bob hasn't lovingly touched me in so long.' Picking up on her comment I really started lovingly rubbing her upper leg in longer and more sensuous strokes. She said 'ummmm, don't stop. That really feels good.' She leaned back against my couch and closed her eyes as she enjoyed the sensation.

As she had her eyes closed I studied both of her nicely shaped legs in her rather short shorts, and her nicely shaped breasts under her t-shirt. My dick started getting hard!

I decided to move to the floor on my knees between her legs and use both hands to give the full length of each leg a good muscle massage from ankle to upper thigh. She murmered 'you have great hands' as she continued relaxing with her eyes closed. Rubbing all the skin on her legs had me so hard. Almost not noticible were her ever so slow movements of spreading her legs more and more open a tiny bit at a time.

They finally were spread in an almost pornographic splayed wide open position. I could see her pussy lips pushed against the inside of her shorts. Rubbing her legs I crept ever closer to her pussy with my fingers. She finally took my hands as I massaged up close to her pussy and placed them squarely against her pussy and she pressed them against her pussy with some force. 'Oh God' she whispered. 'Rub me,' she said in a shaky voice.

I began concentrating on her pussy through her shorts and she kept a hand on top of mine guiding me to her favorite places. I tried sliding some fingers up her short leg, however they were too tight. She knew where I was going though and she unsnapped her shorts and pulled them off. She wasn't wearing any underwear! I was blown away by the sight of her pussy spread wide open in a 'fuck me now' position in front of my face. I slipped two fingers inside her already wet pussy and slipped them in and out, then I rubbed her clit, then I went back inside her. By the way, she had great lips and dark brown pussy hair trimmed about 1/4' long. When I was back inside her she reached down and started rubbing her clit and I concentrated on fingering her. She must have really been ready for an orgasm because she came in just several minutes. She bucked her hips hard against my fingers as she came.

My dick was so hard ... I just HAD to get it out. I stood in front of her between her legs and lowered my shorts and undies to the floor and stepped out of them. My naked hard dick was standing a good seven inches straight up and out. She reached and took it in her hand and let out a sigh, and started jacking me. She also did something else for a while, then resumed jacking me. The sight of her naked good looking body jacking me off was so wonderful. I wanted the great feeling to last and last but I could feel that huge buildup of an orgasm growing from deep within my groin. I let it go and shot cum all over her. She rubbed it into her skin like a lotion, rubbing it deeply into the pores of her breasts.

When we were finally done with all this we kissed for the first time! It was wonderful holding her naked body against mine as we kissed. She thanked me for making her feel desirable again. She did say though that we probably wouldn't do this again, at least not in the near future as she tries to decide if she is going to stay in her marriage or not. We agreed to stay great friends, and who knows, if she leaves her husband then I might have another chance with her again! I'm sure I will.



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