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Fun With Hunter and Dean

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True story from a couple years back when I was 17, my friend Hunter was 16, and his brother Dean was 13.


I was a senior in high school when I was really close with a younger boy. His name was Hunter, and he was extremely popular with the girls, had an air of confidence about him, and was a musician everyone admired. Everyone wanted to be his friend, and I guess everyone wanted to be him in a way. For some reason, while only a year younger than me, he seemed more like a little brother. I truly felt like he had "chosen" me for a best friend, we were always together. While some might have said we had a "boy crush" on each other, I never really thought of him in that way. I guess I thought about it more than I admitted to myself.

What made Hunter different was his kind heart. He wasn't arrogant, but had all the means to be. What really drew me to Hunter was that he was nice to everyone. His younger, 13 year old brother, Dean, was always around. Not because his parents made them hang out together, but because Hunter loved him, and said so with regularity. I think I saw this relationship as an insight into true friendship, and I was happy to be a part of it.

Hunter's house became a place where we spent hours, the three of us playing video games, laughing, and just hanging out. Hunter's parents loved my company, and I think they saw me as a great role model. Everything you'd want in a friendship, and I was grateful.

One Saturday afternoon Hunter texted me and I was quickly sitting on his bed, playing computer games with Dean. Hunter was downstairs with his parents as I settled in. "What's new Dean," I asked, making myself comfortable in my second home.

"Not much, dude," he responded as Hunter joined us in the bedroom.

Mom and Dad are going out tonight, time for some gaming!" Hunter announced.

We were having the usual Saturday afternoon when Dean hopped up. "Guess what guys?" he announced? Dean's adorable smile made him the most magnetic 13 year old I had been around. "I finally have hair around my dick."

"Congratulations dude," I remarked, as Hunter started applauding.

"Look, check it out," Dean responded, immediately pulling down his elastic waistband shorts, underwear-free, as his two inch member poked up. "Oops, sorry, I have a boner too." We all laughed, and sure enough there it was, a small patch of blond pubic hair sprouting right above his circumcised dick. His boner throbbed, standing at attention, and looked like it was happy to have been freed.

"That's awesome, little bro, taking after me I see," Hunter commented.

"Yeah, I bet it's going to get bigger soon," he responded. "Actually dude, can I see yours? To see what mine will look like?" Dean added, looking at his big bro.

My heart seemed to skip a beat with the mere mention of seeing my best friend's cock. I tried to ignore the confusing stir in my pants, and was a bit confused why that would get me so on edge. I leaned back in the bed and tried to cover my instantly rising cock.

"Alright bro," Hunter agreed, "but no telling anyone I showed you guys." Hunter crawled on the bed and with one motion whipped his shorts and underwear off.

"Whoa," Dean yelled.

And for good reason. When I looked up at my younger friend's cock I was amazed at how developed he was. It figured, everything else was perfect about him, I thought. There on the bed I was greeted with a six inch uncircumcised dick, with just a patch of pubic hair clearly groomed around the top. "Mom and Dad decided to cut yours a bit," Hunter explained, his penis-head barely visible to us.

As Hunter explained the inner workings of his model penis, I couldn't help but notice it getting larger, harder. "Damn, all this talk has gotten me a little horny. It happens to all of us little bro!" Hunter started slowly rubbing his cock, obviously turned on, but a little insecure if he should continue.

"Don't let me stop you," I added, wanting to expose myself but unconfident if I should. As Hunter began to stroke, I couldn't resist. He leaned in towards the bed and I moved my hand around his dick, slowly stroking up and down. "Ohhhhh, don't stop," Hunter was obviously enjoying the extra attention.

Dean's eyes bulged as he watched me handle his brother's meat, and there was that smile again. I had never felt another dick before (other than my own), and had never seen an uncut one in real life. I couldn't believe how tight his skin was around the head of his dick, I felt like I needed to stop or I was going to stroke too far down and hurt him. When fully extended it only poked out of the skin about half an inch and was about as thick as a nickel I noted, looking down at his sweet cock-head. Hunter began to breathe harder, and I knew what was going to happen next. With a sudden twitch and a small moan, Hunter shot his cum into the air, the liquid pulsating intensely, all over the bed and my hand, for what seemed like an eternity. The look on Hunter's face after cumming in front of us was one of sheer surprise and excitement, and the three of us looked at each other with a smile.

"That, little brother, is how to jerk off," Hunter said, acknowledging Dean.

"That's what my friends have been talking about!" Dean announced.

We quickly cleaned up the scene and acted like nothing had happened. I couldn't help but notice while we were playing video games, Dean was quietly rubbing his little dick through his elastic pants. While I didn't take mine out, my pants were flooded with precum. I would savor the memory for jerkoff sessions for a long time.

I went home that night having more admiration for my younger friend and his little brother. While neither of us actually joined Hunter's fun, I had a feeling Dean would have some new and exciting news to tell us next time I saw him.



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