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Fun With Girlfriends Sister

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I love this site. My story happened when I was sixteen.


My older sister checks out the site so I found the address and looked one night myself. I like the posts and have fun jacking off to them, so I figured I'd share a story.

It was Friday and school was boring, well the one class my girlfriend and I were in were anyway. So we started passing notes lol. After class got out, we were walking to where her next class was and she said 'You're still coming for dinner today right', I said I was and she said 'Cool, love ya, I got a soccer practice after school, so meet me by the field and we'll go my house'. She went to the room where her class was and I went to computer lab for my class.

After school let out later, some pals and I were hanging out in the hall and the principal got mad and told us we either had to leave or go to the gym. So we went to the gym and decided to shoot hoops for a while.

I knew my girls practice was ending at around 5:15 or so, so I kept watch on the clock on the wall. At around five, my pals all had to leave for home, so I walked to the other end of the school and out to the field to wait for my girl.

Her teams practice ended and after the coach talked to them, I saw her and others gathering their stuff. She came running over to me and I said 'you guys look good out there, bet you'll win some games'. We headed across the parking lot for the road. As we got to the school doors, she said 'I just gotta run inside and go to my locker', so we went into the school.

We walked and talked all the way to her house, like a ten to fiftenn minute walk. When we got there we went in, she says 'hey mom, it's just us' and her mom says something from upstairs to her.

We go into the kitchen and she gets a drink for us and then says 'just chill out, I'm gonna go have a shower' and walks off towards the stairs up to the second floor.

So there I was, left all alone while my girl went to shower and do who knows what else. I sit back in her dad's chair (I say her dad's because no one but him ever is allowed to sit in it) and flip the tv on. Well when the tv picture came on, it wasn't your every day show, no it wasn't. It was some picture that the people in it were getting 'busy'. I knew it was bad to be watching that stuff at my girls house, but at the same time I was finding it a tutn on and feeling my cock getting hard. I should've changed the channel but was drawn into it and couldn't move.

That's when it happened, the scene turned to full on sex and man was my erection ready to pop through my boxers and probably right out of my shorts too. I don't know why, but I felt the need to wank. So I got it out and was working it like mad when all of a sudden, the patio door slides open and in walks my girls older sister.

She is hot, nice boobs, nice small ass, the whole works, mmm. Anyway, she just looked and said something like 'oh my god', laughed and said 'I'm so sorry, don't make a mess now' and walked off to the basement stairs.

Now seeing my girls sister in her little bikini, I was harder then ever and dripping. I grabbed it and started wanking again picturing her ass in that little bikini and the show on tv. As I was working it I heard her on the steps and she came round the corner and was standing in the room. She said 'it's not right I have seen you, I think it's only fair if you were to see me. What do ya think?' 'What do I think' DUH, get naked is what I was thinking lol. I said 'uhm ok, won't Jess be mad though' and she says 'Nope, I'll talk to her'. She looked at the tv and saw a girl taking her bikini off slow and said 'You like that eh' and she reached around and undid her top. It fell away and I was looking at her amazing round perky boobs. She said 'Go on, wank, wank to me and the show' So I put my hand on it and started going at it. I stopped and said 'only if you play too'.

She started touching her boobs and stuff and worked her hand to her crotch and said 'Alright, that's fair game' and started rubbing herself through her bikini bottoms. I said 'take them off, you can see me, but I don't see you yet' and she said 'I will but you gotta drop your shorts too'. I stood up for a few seconds and dropped my shorts to my feet and sat down, she slowly put her hand in the waist of her bottoms and started rubbing herself a little.

There we were, me and my girls sister masturbating in her families family room. She came over and sat on the big arm rest of the chair and made a comment about how my dick was nice and big and how she and Jess both liked big ones. We continued playing the whole time and I sorta tugged at the knot on the side of her bottoms till it let go. She said 'oh you naughty boy' lol and said 'Well since it's undone, may as well just pull it off'. She pulled it off and layed it on my erection and said 'Go on, use it while you wank'. So I did.

MMMM...her warmth around my cock was fantastic!

We both continued to play, me jacking and her fingering till we both got off. I came so hard my cum was shooting all over my stomach. She said something like 'Oh my, best clean that up quick' and handed me some tissue. I cleaned it up and she said 'Ill get rid of those for you and stood up. I put my clothes back on and straightened my shirt some.

She leaned over and picked up her bikini and kissed me on the cheek and said 'That was fun' and just then we heard someone coming down the stairs and she dashed into the doorway and down the basement stairs. A few seconds later, my girl walked into the kitchen and said 'Sorry, hope you wasn't too bored, I needed that shower after practice, I said 'It was fine and I killed the time by talking to Nikki. She said 'Oh cool, Niks home' and came into the family room. Just then her mom walked into the kitchen and said 'Dinner won't be long, it's almost ready' and looked in the family room and said 'Are you ok, Dylan, you seem flushed'. I said I was ok and it must've been the show on tv with the sex stuff that made me red.

If only they knew what had just happened for real.

Well, that's my story.



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