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Fun with Friends

Posted by: Age: mid-teens Posted on: 5 comments
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Wanking with friends before girls entered my life


I grew up in a male centered social group, played rugby at an all boys school and loved swimming for relaxation rather than as a sport. Most of my friends were like me and had brothers rather than sisters so girls were something we thought about but didn't have much real contact with in our mid-teens. We were always talking about sex and getting horny and within our group mutual wanking was fairly common, usually in the locker rooms after sport but sometimes when we were just horny.

I remember one summer at school during lunch break I was laying on the grass talking to one guy who wasn't in our group as such but a nice guy. He told me about going over to his cousins at the weekend and wanking each other off while they watched porn and how his cousins dick was much thicker than his own and he wasn't sure whether his was thin or normal. I felt his boner over his trousers, it was quite long but also quite thin and he felt mine, we were both horny and wanked each other off laying on our sides facing each other and letting the cum go on the grass. We both enjoyed it and joked about it on later occasions but never did it together again.

One of the boys in our class was popular with everyone but he had no close friends, he was always joking and a bit of a rebel when it came to school discipline but he usually managed to just stay out of formal trouble. He would openly boast about always being horny and wanking off at home and at school. In the showers he was usually wanking and fooling around with someone or other and he had no personal embarrassment in doing that. His dick was not particularly long but quite thick and he had a mass of black pubes which was more than most of us at that time.

His favourite "trick" I guess was to stand next to someone in the showers and grab their dick and try and wank both himself and them, usually the other person responded by wanking his dick and yes I have done that maybe 2-3 times. He would also try and get a line of us to wank together and see who could spurt their cum the furthest, I found this quite horny but usually didn't win and this often developed into some mutual wanking.

I always thought he was probably gay but after leaving school he was the first one from our year to become a father in his teens so I guess he was just extra horny and enjoyed what fun he could find. There was one other thing that was particularly good fun, a lad called John was the oldest in our class I had known him since junior school, we weren't close friends but got on okay and his best friend, Paul, was a guy I was quite friendly with and we had wanked each other off on a few occasions so I guess he and John had done the same.

One day Paul told us that it was John's 16th birthday and that during the lunch break we should take him to our upstairs classroom and give him 16 bumps. About 7-8 of us agreed and when we got him there we spreadeagled him on the floor and then held his arms and legs and gently bumped him. Someone asked him if cumming as a 16 year old was better than as a 15 year old and he said he didn't know cos he hadn't had a wank yet and Paul said we could soon alter that for him. As we continued to hold him Paul undid his zip and got his dick out, John was jokingly protesting but he soon got hard and first Paul and then the rest of us took turns in wanking him off, John lay still and seemed quite content and after a couple of minutes he shot a few strands of cum up into the air and onto his trousers. I think it was actually Paul again who brought him off but it didn't matter, John laughed and said cumming at 16 was great but he moaned about having to clean up the mess on his trousers.

I was hard and I bet others were too but we didn't really have the time or privacy to wank ourselves off as the lunch break was nearing its end. That was the only time I am aware of anyone actually cumming in a class room as usually that only occurred at school in the showers or toilet block.

The most common place though was with a group of friends when we went swimming in the evening or at the weekend. In the summer we went to a big open air lido and would literally spend hours sunbathing, swimming and having fun which included wanking. There would normally be any 4-5 from our group of 8 and the lido had large changing blocks and toilet/shower areas as well as a cafe and three pools. Sometimes we would all try and share a family changing cubicle and if we could get one we would fool around and wank ourselves or each other off before going to swim to try and prevent boners when we saw the girls.....we used to cum in tissues and then put them in the toilets but after swimming we used to wank off in the showers together if nobody else was around or in the changing cubicles and cum on our trunks or sometimes just on the floor.

I can remember one afternoon when I cummed three times .... when I went to pee one of my friends came along and we wanked off in the toilets as they were empty and we already had our dicks out. The local baths were not as good, we just went to swim for an hour or so and then leave as it had no recreational facilities other than the pool. All the cubicles were designed for single use but sometimes three of us managed to squeeze in and that meant lots of bodily contact whether intentional or not...it was usually intentional I guess.

There were two friends who I particularly liked sharing with, Terry and Tony they went to a different school but lived in the same village. Terry was a bit taller than me and his dick was longer, he usually had a boner when we changed but he always waited for someone, like me, to hold his dick first and then he would wank me off as well, he just wanted to cum and once he had he was happy to get changed and go swim or go home. Tony was quite different, he was always talking and laughing and scratching his own dick and yours if you were near him. When we got changed you could guarantee his was the first boner and he'd be stroking it straight away and asking if we wanted to help, his dick was thicker and shorter than mine and it felt quite different, Tony would continue talking about sex all the time and once he had cum he liked to watch and comment on how the others were progressing. If the showers were empty he liked to wank off to see how high his cum could shoot up the tiled wall and then piss there to wash it off, this often became a competition between us all.

Tony's family had moved to the village near me quite recently and I met him as he went to the same school as Terry. We were all about 16yrs old and I had known Terry for years and we had wanked each other off quite a few times if we were both extra-horny but it wasn't something we always did. Tony lived the nearest to me and we would often meet up and then we'd go on to meet the others. Probably the second or third time I met him (and before he had been swimming with us) he came to my house, I was running a bit late and my mum said he might as well go up to my bedroom, I was still getting changed and had a boner I had been stroking. Tony laughed and said he'd wanked off before he left home and there was time for me to finish if I wanted. I was still horny so I lay on my bed and caught the cum in some tissues with Tony watching.

The next time we were all meeting up I went to Tony's, he said he was horny and did I want a wank first in the garden and of course I did. Tony's house had a very big garden leading down to some woods and he said he often wanked off there particularly if his elder sister was with her boyfriend in the house and he imagined them doing sex stuff. His sister was 18-19 and really nice, she had a regular boyfriend from their previous place and he was often across visiting, Tony said he could sometimes hear them fucking in the bedroom next to his during the day/evening when their parents weren't at home and he used to wank off laying on his bed. One day his sister laughed and said that they had heard his bed creaking as well so he started wanking outside. There were plenty of hidden areas in the garden, we went to the side of the shed as it was in sunlight, a small plant was growing about 3 feet away and Tony said he tried to hit it with his cum so I said ok we'd do that.

We both wanked off, some of Tony's cum did land on it but mine fell to one side and he said I needed help with my aiming next time and we both laughed. A couple of days later I went round straight after school and we took Tony's dog into the woods to give it a run. We were both horny and Tony said how about wanking and shooting at a tree stump and I said yes that would be fun. We were already hard, I pulled my foreskin back a couple of times to loosen it up and Tony watched as he was stroking himself. He asked if I'd ever wanked friends off and I said yes for a laugh and he said he had too. He was standing to my right side so I reached across and held his dick and he sort of pushed into my hand and said if he cummed first he'd bring me off straight after. It didn't take long, it was so horny doing this outside and with a new friend, he held mine for a few seconds then moved so it was easier for me to wank him without his dick pointing at me. He must have been just about ready to cum in his pants earlier cos as soon as I started getting a bit faster he shot 3-4 strings of cum out onto the ground and said it had felt so good. I had enjoyed it too. His cum was nowhere near the tree stump and he laughed and blamed my aiming again. He stood at the side and just a little behind me and held my so hard dick in his right hand and started wanking me.

This was the first time I had actually just stood and been wanked off rather than me and a friend wanking each other at the same time....I liked it, I could concentrate totally on what was happening to my dick. Tony was saying he wanted to watch me cum and when I did he kept wanking me till it started going soft, my cum landed nowhere near the target but neither of us cared.

It was to be a few more months before I had the pleasure of a girl wanking me off although I did take one girl out a few times but never managed more than kisses and me feeling her boobs over her clothes...enough to get me hard and needing a wank as soon as we parted. Shortly after I turned 17 I met my first girl friend and stopped spending as much time with the guys, if we did meet up and go swimming though we would still wank each other off just for the fun of it.



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