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Fun With Friends

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Just something that happened with my friends.


This is a true story from a month or so ago. I'm from the UK, I'm quite tall and heavy.

Basically, the day started when Alan and I met up to play PC games at his house. We had food, played on the pc more, it was about 22.30 and as usual, I recommended we watch some videos and jack off. He agreed and turned his pc off, while I got my laptop in a place where we could both see it on the mattress on the floor. We stripped off to our boxers and sat next to each other, backs against the wall, looking at the video on the laptop. We still had our boxers on and we weren't getting overly interested in the video, I leant over to Alan and asked him if he wanted to try something different, hinting to jacking each other off, he surprisingly agreed and we sat there for a minute, looking at each other as if to say 'what to do next?'. In the end, we decided to flip a coin, who would go first, and what they'd be doing.

After finding a coin, he chose tails, and I flipped. It landed on heads, which meant, whatever I was doing, I would be first. I flipped the coin again, which resulted in me receiving first. I hesitated for a second, and we both began moving, I slid onto my side, leaning on my left elbow, while Alan moved further down so he was level with my waist. I still had my boxers on, so I slowly slid my hand down to remove them, revealing my semi-hard 6-ish inch penis. I rubbed it slightly, and it began to harden. Alan then leaned forward and took a hold, this was the first time another guy has touched me, and it felt really good, he had a different grip to me, so it felt strangely good.

He carried on like this for a while longer, I could feel the sensations heightening inside me, but I wasn't going to orgasm yet. He stopped to rest, as it takes a while for me to orgasm, and I said we should change position, we could sit next to each other and cross arms, so we can both do it. He stood up, and pulled his boxers off, revealing his 5' semi hard penis. He sat down on my left and we started again. This was the first time I had ever touched someone else's penis in this way, it was a unique experience, his felt a lot different to mine, it wasn't as hard, and the skin on it had much more movement. We did this for a while, taking intermittent breaks and slowing down to prolong the enjoyment. It was quite fun, the pleasure was better than doing it myself, just because of the way Alan did it differently to me.

Alan was taking a break when he let me know he was past 'the point of no return', he was ready to cum and I could feel his muscles tensing up. He then began moaning lightly as a stream of cum started emerging from him, he didn't shoot far, just over my fingers and under his belly button. I cleaned my fingers with a tissue and passed it to him so he could clean up. After he had, he moved around to carry on working on me, I'm not the fastest when it comes to things like this. He was pumping away, tickling my balls, it felt incredible. I was slowly getting closer, I could feel it growing inside me, I asked him to go faster, I was going to orgasm, it was incredible, I could feel my sperm exploding out, all over Alan, all over me. I was soaked, it was fantastic. The orgasm lasted for at least 2 minutes, and I couldn't move for another 10.

It was a great experience and I am looking forward to doing it again, and maybe going a bit further.



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