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Fun With Friend

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Was the best night ever


Me and my friend Luke have always been close, and we often had sleepovers. When everyone else was asleep, we would usually just talk about girls we liked, or just play some video games. Then after a few hours, we would go to sleep, ending the night.

Then about a week after, my dad got me a laptop, which we used to do the obvious....look at porn. At night we still talked about girls, and when the topic of sex came up, it would get us in the mood, and we would use my laptop to look at some porn. This was all during a break we had, and my dad was going to be gone for about 4 days, and he said he wouldn't mind if Luke stayed with us, as long as we were good.

After he left, we started watching TV, and I bought a porn movie (my dad never checks ones that are bought) since the ones on the computer aren't very long. Then after a bit, he said he had to go to the bathroom (I assumed it was to masturbate), and I said ok. After about 15 minutes he came back, and sat back down. I had never thought of Luke in a sexual way before, but being as horny as I was, just about anything could get me off. When he reached for the remote, we started to wrestle over it, and all the bodily contact was turning me on even more.

After a bit he asked if we could go outside in the pool, and I thought it could be fun. When we went out, the pool was very warm, and, being as close as we were, we didn't really care about modesty, or at least, tried not to show it. He suggested we go in naked, and toss a ball around, or see who could hold their breath the longest. I agreed, and after a few minutes of making sure no one was around, we were in the pool tossing a basketball we had found around.

After about 30 minutes, we got out and went back to my room. Since it was cold, we didnt bother putting clothes back on, we just hopped into bed and pulled the covers over us. I thought about him jacking in the bathroom earlier, and it turned me on, and when I looked down, it looked like he was asleep. So I slowly stroked my cock and as I was coming closer to cumming, I started to move faster. When I was right about to cum, I heard him ask what I was doing, and I nearly had a heart attack. He said he felt the bed shaking (we were on a bunk bed, I was on the top, he was on the bottom)and asked if i was doing what he thought I was doing. I asked him what he thought I was doing, and he stood up and climbed up and literally sat on top of me, naked! I had never really got a good look at his 7 inch cock before, and it was a site. He was hard, and he said he knew what I was doing, and if I didnt want him to tell anyone, I would have to jack him off. I didn't oppose to this, because I was so horny, and I slowly started jacking him, then started going faster and faster. He said he was getting close, and told me to stop.

He lifted himself off of me, motioning for me to get out from under the covers, revealing my 7 inch cock. We climbed off the bed, and sprawled ourselves out on the floor. He told me to finish him, and I said not before he starts me, which he responded to with quick jerks. After about 3 minutes we were both ready to cum, and we did all over each other and the floor.

We layed there, panting, for a few moments, and after a bit cleaned ourselves up then got our clothes on and watched some TV, acting like nothing happened. Later that night he asked if I would tell anyone about that, and I of course said no. He said then, since I wasn't going to tell anyone, if I wanted to do it again.

After that night, which was filled with sweat and cum, we spent most of the day sleeping in eachother's arms. When we woke, we cleaned ourselves up and took a bath togeather, which was fun as well. We enjoyed many days and nights like that, even after my father came home, and we still do. We still talk about girls at night, and we both have girlfriends, but that still doesn't change the fact that we are close. We haven't gotten further apart, in fact, we've become even closer. The nights ahead are going to be filled with more fun, I'm sure.

I may write about more of my adventures with Luke, but for now, I need to get ready. Luke just got out of the shower...



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