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Fun with freinds

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When I was in middle school, my two best friends where Alex and Ron. My mother and Alexes mother knew each other since college, so me and Alex have been friends since birth. He was always a kid of average height and build, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Alex's family was much less modest than most American family's. I remember seeing his mothers pussy as a little kid. He would also change his clothes around me without really thinking about it, so I didn't either. In 4th grade a new kid named Ronaldo (everyone called him ron) moved across the street with me. His house was noticeably smaller than the others on the street. Kids at school would make fun of him for being half Hispanic, but his family was very nice so Alex and I quickly befriended him. Ron had light brown skin with black hair and dark brown eyes. He was always a little bit chubby, and never really lost his baby fat. He was also a few inches shorter than most of the kids. I remember it was always fun having dinner at his house because his mom would always cook something Spanish and it was really good.


On the summer after 8th grade, Ron and I where in Alex's backyard waiting for him to come home from a soccer game. "Hey when do you think Alex will get home?" Ron asked. I told him he normally him he would be here in any minute. After Alex got home, his Mom was going to take us into town. We saw her minivan pull into the driveway and Alex jumped out in his uniform, red and white stripes if I remember correctly. His mom came out from the drivers side, she looked a lot like Alex. He was covered in sweat but that didn't stop us from horse playing. He asked his mom when we where going into town and she said Alex would need to take a shower first. He groaned we and walked into his house and into the bathroom. He asked us if we could help him undo his shin guards while he took off his shirt. I could tell Ron was a bit uncomfortable because his family was Catholic and modest, but I was very used to it and helped him.

He took off his briefs and exposed his dick. It was the first time I had seen it in a few months, and it had grown. He was 14 at the time and still had no pubic hair, but I remember his balls being pretty large and hanging loosely in the hot room. His dick was average sized for his age and circumcised. He yelled "Mom, can you please get me a towel?" as a forgot one and she came and gave him one without thinking about her son being naked. She shut the door behind her, probably because she had guests, so the room got pretty steamy from the showers hot water. We talked for a while, and Alex suggested that Ron and I take off our shirts because the room was getting so hot. We both did, but I also took off my shorts and sat down in my gray briefs. Eventually the room got so hot I got naked too and Ron took off his shirt and sat in his boxers. My dick was a little smaller than Alexes but I had a small bush of pubes starting to grow. I was 13 at the time. Ron ended up getting his boxers wet so he took them off reluctantly. He was 14, almost 15. His dick was the smallest of the group despite his age, and he didn't have any pubes. He was also uncut, and I thought it looked funny. While Alex was soaping up his dick, he popped a boner and asked "Do you guys ever get like this?" and he showed us. "Yeah, I sometimes do when I touch it." I answered and Ron just watched. Alex started to rub it and his boner got longer. I was starting to get hard, and Ron was fully erect, and blushing. "Wow, this feels really good..." Alex said while rubbing his dick. I started and it felt really good. I remember my cousin telling me something about masturbation, but I never really understood until now. Alex got out of the shower, with his dick still in his hand, and started to jack off Ron with the other. Ron spread his legs and was clearly enjoying it, so I asked Alex if I could stroke him, since Ron looked so happy and he was delighted. I stroked his dick the same way he was, and I felt some precum dripping from it. I had some idea of what it was, so it did not bother me, and Ron didn't care. Rons chubby thighs humped the air as Alex stroked his cock, which was now about 3 1/2 inches erect. "Hey, can I get some to?" I said to Ron. "Oh yeah, sorry"

He grabbed my dick and started to do quick strokes. It felt amazing having my dick handled by someone else, and it was really hot watching his hand stroke me. We sat in a triangle with our legs spread out on top of each other. Alex was the first to cum. The first shot went about a foot in the air, and the rest dribbled into my hand. He made a soft moaning sound as it happened and I noticed his balls where up close to his dick. He stopped jacking Ron off so I used my free hand to jack him off as well. He came a few seconds after with a trust, only having a little cum dribble out of his dick. Alex took over jacking me off while Ron played with my balls. I felt the orgasm coming, and shot my load. The first shot went far and hit Rons chubby belly, which he let fall onto his now soft dick. The next shot hit my leg, and the rest went into Alex's hand, which he rubbed on my chest and laughed. Afterwards we all took a shower together and went out to eat. I know his mother knew what was going on, but she respected our privacy and never said anything. Comment on what you think!!



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