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Fun With First Boyfriend

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I am really picky about who I date, and then I found Robert


I had always been picky about who I dated, but I finally found a guy I really liked, Robert. I was in ninth grade and I had my eye on him for a while, finally he asked me out. We dated for a month before he got the nerve to finally even kiss me.

Before I get into the story, a little about me. I am about 5'4' and 100 pounds. I have blonde hair, and hazel eyes. 32A size boobs, small but any bigger would look weird on me, and I don't have much of a butt, but its there. Now to the story.

We never did anything besides make out at movies and at each others house. Then one weekend I went over to his house, his parents were shopping and his older sister was home. He had a large house, so we were upstairs in his room, and his sister was downstairs watching tv. We had the door closed and locked, and we were sitting and talking about friends and life, when we started talking of some friends who had sex with each other. One thing led to another and we were talking about us.

We both decided that we wouldn't do that until we were either married or very close to it. We started to make out, and did for a long time. He eventually took my shirt off, and then my bra. He started playing with my boobs, he seemed to enjoy it. Then I took his shirt off. He had a nice chest and body. Then things got a little more interesting.

We were still making out and he slid his hands down the back of my jeans, inside my panties (I hate thongs, much to his dismay), and started squeezing my butt. Then he layed me down on the bed and slowly moved down my body by kissing me on my neck, then my chest, my boobs, down my stomach and then he stopped at my jeans. He slowly unzipped my jeans and slid them off, leaving my panties on.

He then started to kiss my pussy through my panties. They were white with little stars on them. Then he worked his way back up and we started to make out again. he slowly slipped his hand down my panties, stopping half way to play with my trimmed pussy hair. He slid in two fingers and started moving his hand in and out. After a while I reached climax and let him know it with many loud moans. Then I took his shorts off, and I could see his dick through his boxers poking up.

I slid his boxers off too and sat him down on his bed and slid over and kissed his dick right on the head (he was about seven inches long), and gave it a nice lick up the side. He knew that I wouldn't give him a blow job, because I think it is totally nasty to have a dick in your mouth. I stood up and walked over to my purse to get my lotion. I walked back and I was standing up in front of him, and he reached up and took my panties off. I opened up the bottle and squeezed a large amount into my hand.

I slid my hand onto his dick and worked it up and down for some time, and we made out at the same time. A little bit later he came all over my hand. We got up to clean up, but he had no tissues in his room, so he opened his door, with no worries of his sister and we walked naked to the bathroom. We closed the door behind us and cleaned up and started making out against the door in there. After a while we decided to go back to his room, he said for me to go ahead because he had to pee.

I said that I had always wanted to see a guy pee and he said ok. So he walked over to the toilet and lifted the seat, and took his dick with both hands and aimed and then the pee started flowing out. I was extremely turned on and started to rub my pussy right there. After he was done, he watched me until I came, and he kissed me. Then I asked him if he wanted to see me pee. He said sure, and he watched me, and started to get a boner, he got really turned on when I wiped my self. We went back to his room, and shut the door behind us.

We layed on his bed and made out for a long time, just touching each other and exploring each others bodies. Then he had an idea, he got out his digital camera, and started taking pictures of me. This really turned me on, and he took tons of pictures, then he asked if I wanted to take some. I took tons of him too and this kept turning me on.

We sat on his bed and he started to finger me, while I gave him another hand job (no lotion this time). I came first with another loud moan, which set him off. He came all over my hand again. The doorbell rang and it was my mom to get me, it had been almost six hours. We didn't have time to go clean up, so I just licked all of his cum off my hand. I quickly put on my bra and shirt. Then I slid on my jeans, and left my panties on the floor, to give him something to remember our day by. He had thrown on his clothes too.

I grabbed him and pulled him towards me, and we shared a nice french kiss. He squeezed my butt one last time and the same with my boobs, and I grabbed his dick through his pants, and told him I would call him when I got home. I went downstairs and went home.

We are still going out today, and I have many stories of us doing stuff at his house, my house, and some other places. I will save those for later, I hope you enjoyed my story.

~ Elizabeth



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