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Fun With Dan

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I have been close to Dan for most of my life, we lived across the road to one another. My mother and his mother were best friends, he was more friendly with my sister as they were similar age. But from an early age we were very close; we would stay at each others house and share baths together... I can still remember sharing baths with him, my mam never really thought anything of it, but the age difference was very apparent (he was four years older) as I can still remember his cock was much more developed than mine... I remember my mom telling us to go and have a bath before bed, and I loved it. This happened every couple of weeks. Looking back he must have just been starting puberty as he always had a hard on... But didn't really do anything about it as I guess he was too young to know what to do. He didn't have any hair down there but just a big uncut cock.

It was not until a few years later when we all joined the same gym when we started talking again. We would play sorts then go to the pool for a swim. At this moment he was very developed and I was starting puberty too. I was around 13 which would make him around 17. I could always remember how I would always get a bone on, and by this point in my life I had a few tufts of pubes and was around 5 inches, which he seemed to like as he used to wash me until I was ready to burst! This would also happen whilst his mother and he would come and visit... I was always horny and would make sure that I was always in the bath, so when he could he would wash my whole body... It was great!! We would then go back to my room where I would still be naked and playing video games.. My mom still didn't think anything of this as we were almost like brothers, (not that she knew he used to touch me)

I used to enjoy wanking in my bed after he had left thinking about wanking this older guy off!! I always used to feel him, but he was always reluctant...

It was not until I went round his to play video games around a year later... I was pretty much fully developed by now and didn't have as much hair but was around the same size... His mom was away at the time, and as soon as I got there he went for a shower... I knew what was going to happen!

He came out of the shower drying himself off with his big semi-hard cock bobbing inches from my face. He gave himself a couple of tugs and got into his bed, I was sitting on his chair. He carried on playing with himself under the covers, and I asked about how condoms work (pointing at a box he had on his dresser). I can remember at this point I had only seen condoms blown up like a balloon, he laughed when I told him this and decided he would show me.

So he pulled back his cover exposing his huge hard-on, It looked like we could have been brothers as our cocks were almost exactly the same!! His was a little thicker but we were both around 7 inches(I am now 8) and we are both uncut, with our gland and slit just poking out of the top... He walked over to the chair and told me to pull my shorts down, which I did; he seemed shocked by my size. He opened a condom up and then pulled my foreskin back. I remember how tight this felt, it is ok now when I do it but at the time it hurt a little... He put the condom on me and then himself, he then began his magic on my cock... It felt amazing!! I was still sitting on the chair and he was standing up, so his cock was an inch from my face!! I think he must have wanted me to suck it as he kept pushing it against my face... But I didn't have the confidence. He was going faster and faster by this point!! Going really ruff pulling my balls... He knew that I was close as I must have been panting quiet loud... I then remember the best orgasim I have ever had, I even shouted!!!

I could see his condom was filling with pre-cum... He took both our condoms off and jumped on his bed, where he tugged himself so hard and jizzed all over his abs... To my shock he then used my used condom to mop his load up... We were both looking at each other with our bell-ends shining in the light.

This was the final sexual encounter I had with Dan but still wank thinking of it now... Would love to do it again though!!!



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