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Fun With Cousin and Friend

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This story is mostly true, although I altered the names and changed a few things for added effect.


I recently went on a road trip with my cousin Lauren to see our mutual grandparents, who live in Canada. We drove up, stayed there for a few days, and started driving back. We were casually flirting the entire way. The plan was to drive straight home, but due to the weather we decided it would be a good idea to stop. Luckily, Lauren had moved from upstate New York about two years earlier, and knew a friend she kept in touch with there. So we turned round, drove for about 30 miles and got to her house. It had started raining heavily, and by the time we got inside we were both soaked. Lauren's friend, Lindsay suggested we go shower and dry off. Lauren went first, then me. We were both in our sleeping outfits, she was wearing a tank top and tiny shorts, and I was wearing my boxers and a tee shirt.

I suppose I should tell you about everyone involved in the story. I am about 5'10', not in great shape but not fat either. I have a six inch cock. Lauren is about two or three inches shorter than me, with A cup boobs, but a giant ass to die for. She has shoulder length blonde hair. Lindsay is about the same height as Lauren, maybe half an inch shorter, with C or D cups, and a fairly nice ass. However, her best feature was her face, she was very cute.

Anyway, we were sitting around having a drink before bed, when the topic of sex came up. I admitted that, while I had a girlfriend for a brief time in high school, nothing had ever happened. Lauren and Lindsay glanced at each other and grinned. They both admitted to me that they had had sex before. I had figured as much. I knew most of Lauren's friends, so I asked who. She looked down, and said she had had sex with Lindsay before she moved. Wow, not bad.

My cock had started to stir. They both seemed to have fond memories of their last night together, which was when they had sex. I kept pressing for details, but neither of them said it was anything big. Eventually, I said I was going to go to sleep, and Lindsay offered me the bed downstairs. Lauren could sleep upstairs in the guest room. I went to sleep after jacking off to a nice orgasm thinking of that night they had spent together.

The next morning, I went upstairs at about 7:00am to get Lauren up so we could continue driving. I wasn't sure about where she had slept, so I knocked on the first one. It was Lindsay's room. 'Who is it?' she said in a groggy voice. I replied 'Oh, sorry, which room was Lauren in?'

'She's in here. Come in' 'Oh.' That was kind of weird. I figured she'd be sleeping in a sleeping bag. I opened the door, and Lauren was still asleep in the bed with Lindsay. Lindsay put her finger to her lips and began to caress Lauren's boobs. Lauren woke up, groggily, and said 'Good morning, sweetie.' She kissed Lindsay, looked up and saw me there.

'We gonna leave soon?' 'Yeah, but I dunno how far I'll be able to drive now, all I can think of is you two having sex.' They both started laughing. After a little while, Lindsay suggested 'Well, why don't we put your thoughts to rest?' She winked at me, and made a motion to come up on the bed.

My dick was pressing up against my pants, so I took them off and got in the bed between them. We all started kissing, first Lindsay, then Lauren, then all three of us together. They took off their shirts and began to play with their boobs. My cock had never been harder. I reached down, and sucked on Lindsay's eraser sized nipples with about half-dollar sized areolas. She slipped her hand down under her thong and began moving it around. She brought it out and put some juice on her nipples. This made me need to suck on them. Her pussy juice was delicious. She reached down into her snatch again, got a good helping of her juice and slathered my cock with it. I heard a moan from behind me, Lauren was masturbating full force. She had taken her shorts off and had a pair of fingers in her cunt.

She was neatly trimmed and had a small clit, about the size of a pea. She was rubbing that with her other hand. I moved her hand away, and started fingering her pussy. She grabbed my cock and started giving me a handjob. She did a much better job of it than I could do. I began to play with both girls' boobs. I couldn't take it much longer. I announced I was going to cum soon, and asked where I should shoot it. Lindsay said 'Cover my tits' and sat up. She was fingering herself furiously with one hand. Lauren sat up too and they sat next to each other, eagerly awaiting my load. I rubbed my cock a few times, and unleashed my biggest cum ever, at least seven good sized globs of cum got all over their chests, necks and faces. Suddenly, Lauren anounced she was going to cum. Lindsay said 'Me too'. They both came within five seconds of each other. Juice dripped out of Lauren, getting the bed wet. They fell back and began kissing and licking my cum off each other.

Lindsay then reached into her nightstand and pulled out a condom, which is where I think this story gets a little bit too naughty for Solo Touch...

Lauren and I did some more things before we got home, and before we move plan to do a few more things.

If you'll excuse me, my cock is throbbing.



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