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Fun With Clothes On

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We had planned to meet up so that we could cuddle and talk about our problems.... comfort each other. But what happened was so much more.

He sat on the couch sideways with one leg on the cushions. I sat in front of him, between his legs, leaning back on him, my head resting on his chest. He began by rubbing my shoulders, but moved to softly stroking my face with his fingers. Slowly but surely his fingers drifted down my neck...down into my neck line...to the tops of my breasts.

I was only wearing three pieces of clothing, something I had teased him with earlier that day through texting, so I had just a shirt, yoga pants and a leather thong on. Our rules were that we couldn't touch any of the 'bathing suit areas' except for over the clothes, but this didn't stop him from teasing me. He slowly trailed his hands down the outside of my shirt to my tits, grabbing and pulling at my nipples. I sighed and moaned, my back arching in response to his touch. I felt myself grow wet with want for more.

I turned and straddled him, pressing our most intimate parts as close as possible, even through my yoga pants and his athletic shorts I could feel his unbelievable hardness. I pressed closer, sandwiching him between my lips as best as I could through our clothes. He bucked his hips and I could feel his tip placed just where I needed it most, right on my clit. I moaned for him again, prompting him to move more.

I rode him and bounced on him for several minutes as he kissed and nibbled all up and down my neck, his hands palming my breasts, my cunt growing wetter and slicker, when he placed his hand on the back of my neck and pulled my face down to his.

'I want you on your back' he growled in my ear, and I nearly came at the feel of his breath whispering such tantalizing words.

He flipped me underneath him, and rose up on his haunches to look me over. The lust and desire were clear in his eyes as they roamed over my body. He leaned down again and began kissing down my neck, this time continuing further, past the neckline of my shirt, and kissed and sucked and bit my nipple through my shirt! I arched my coochie up to meet his cock which was so hard and long I could see the outline through his shorts. I wanted it against my lips, but as I bucked up he shook his head with a teasing smirk and slid his hand over my stomach, teasing my panty line with his fingers before moving his hand down to cup me over my shorts. His fingers pressed against my vag and moved his thumb up to my magic button. I had never felt anything like it before! I moaned and sighed, begging for more, pleading without words for him to keep going, to take me to unbelievable heights....

'let me try' I said hoarsely, not believing that the words had escaped my lips. I had only pleased myself twice before, and it was still very new territory.

He moved his hand away and pressed his knee up against me for help, and I tentatively reached down under the thin and now soaking wet leather thong, and slicking some of the wetness up I placed two fingers on my clit and began to rub it.

It felt so amazing. He leaned down and kissed my ear, saying 'God you're hot' which only spurned me on. I worked faster, moaning again and again as I brought myself closer and closer. He grabbed my tit his hand, rubbing his thumb over my nipple, twisting it and pulling it making me moan louder.

He took the other nipple in his mouth through my shirt and I soared higher, so close to coming undone. I worked faster, adding a third finger, dipping into my wetness again for more lube...with another tweak of my nipple I came, shuddering around my own fingers. 'oh my god! oh my god! I cried as I saw stars, trying to keep my fingers moving as I rode out my orgasm, he pressed his knee up to me so I could push against him, which made it last even longer.

I sighed, exhausted, as I pulled my trembling fingers out from my pants. He pulled me close and held me as my breathing slowed. He grabbed my hand and brought it to his mouth, and licked off the cum from my fingers.



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